Did ya miss me?

Hello, my lovely readers!

It has come to my attention that I have been.. neglecting you. All of you. I’m awfully sorry for this- especially since the last post I wrote was pretty personal and unhappy, and then I went and disappeared for almost a month without so much as a by-your leave. Awfully inconsiderate of me, I have to admit. 

There've been a LOT of these.
There’ve been a LOT of these.

So, where have I been? If you’re worried that I went off the deep end or decided to throw in the blogging towel, it’s okay. I just got a new dayjob (hurray!). As I’ve been out of paid work for months, this is both something I’m really happy about, and a bit of an adjustment. As it turned out, it didn’t leave me with any time (or spoons!) for writing while I dragged myself up the new-job learning curve. Continue reading “Did ya miss me?”

Did ya miss me?

Camino de Santiago 2: Zubiri, Pamplona

I’m trying to remember the morning of Day 2, but it’s all some kind of fuzzy, sleepy haze. Funny, that.

Fortunately, I have pictorial and video evidence that I was, in fact, in places.



I’m not normally one for churches. This place, though, was sweet and little and pretty. And also happened to have things to sit down on. I was, at this point, quite the fan of things to sit down on.


It wasn’t long after that before we really started coming out of the mountains and into a whole different kind of landscape:

Another wee sit-down by a river:


Right next to what turned out to be the outskirts of Pamplona!


Pamplona was lovely. That is, by the time I’d gone past the hostel, gotten lost, gotten found again, backtracked, and fallen into bed exhausted at around, er, teatime.

This is my exhausted face. Just in case you were wondering:


And here’s the parking space where I finally realised how far it was to the next hostel and that I should should probably turn around:


After the obligatory couple of hours of post-walk unconsciousness, I managed to hobble my way to a pretty square for some foods. There is no better food than the food you have after walking for seven or so hours.

Camino de Santiago 2: Zubiri, Pamplona