Can it be a neologism if it hasn’t caught on (yet)?

“Tabularasaphobia: Fear of the blank slate. Fear of committing something, taking one path at the expense of others. The belief that the perfect nothing is better than the imperfect something. That sort of thing.”

The above isn’t mine, by the way. Having spent the past few weeks brimming over with things to talk about to the extent that I finally broke down and signed up for this, I’m having one of the most ridiculously stereotypical moments of my life and am entirely unable to come up with a single thing that I feel opinionated enough about to write about. So I did the only sensible thing, and opened myself up to a good sound mocking over IM by someone who is currently far more eloquent than I am.

In the future, expect ranting, waffling, and meandering about actual topics, now that the ice has been broken*.

*it’s broken, right?

Can it be a neologism if it hasn’t caught on (yet)?