GE16 Red Lines: Who is left to vote for?

To the USians reading this: the election I’m talking about is the Irish general election- GE16-  on Friday. Not the Presidential election that you have in nine months. Our election campaign? Three weeks long. 

With one day to go before the election, I don’t know who I want to vote for. Who not to vote for? That’s easy, in a constituency that includes the founder of Identity Ireland. It’s an easy rule of thumb: if you’re being invited to speak at Pegida rallies, you don’t get a preference.

Picture of a candidate flyer supporting Peter O'Loughlin. It's annotated. By me. Suffice to say that I don't agree with his blatantly racist views.
That’s easy. Another easy one? Renua’s Paddy O’Leary. A flat tax? Three-strikes-and-life policy for crime? From a party that began when Lucinda Creighton couldn’t stomach dying women being able to access abortions? Continue reading “GE16 Red Lines: Who is left to vote for?”

GE16 Red Lines: Who is left to vote for?