Help Ari Make Bills And Rent

C’mere, you lot, ’cause I’m asking for a favour.

Ari is my partner in crime, BFF, ladybrother-from-another-mother, as well as (incidentally) being a fantastic writer, artist, activist, DJ, community worker, volunteer, and general troublemaker of the best kind. She is also in one hell of a vulnerable economic situation, being unable to work fulltime at the moment due to her clinical depression, but until now had been getting by okay.

She is in a bit of a Situation. I’ll let her explain it herself:

My name is Ari Silvera. I’m a migrant trans woman, activist, writer and performer based in Glasgow. In the past year, my capacity to do work has been greatly diminished due to my clinical depression.

I am fundraising to cover my rent, bills, and huge council tax bill I need to pay. I have been on benefits until recently, which significantly reduced the amount of council tax I needed to pay. However, my benefits have been suspended, and it is quite likely I am no longer entitled to receive benefit. For your information, I was not sanctioned, the way benefits work for EU citizens that are not native to the UK has changed recently (I’m afraid I can’t discuss any further publicly).

I am currently in the process of becoming self-employed.I am raising money for rent, bills including electricity (crucial in cold cold Glasgow) and internet (crucial for all the work I actually do) as well as that dreaded council tax bill to the tune of £700. I’ve also budgeted a bit extra to help pay for counselling, as I’m currently seeking a local counsellor but, alas, free counselling is in very short supply.

With your help, I hope to not only cover my bills and rent, but also to use this money to help me get my life back on track through counselling. I am currently working day to day on my mental health, as well as trying to find jobs I can do, but that is also quite difficult.

In short, the benefits that were keeping a roof over her head and food on her plate got cut off without warning, and she’s seriously in need of help to tide her over until she can sort something else out for herself. She’s a smart cookie and resourceful as all getout, so I know she’ll be grand in the long run.

Additionally.. this one is really close to my heart, you guys. Ari is one of my closest friends. I had some really difficult times in the past few years, and Ari’s one of the people who was always, always there for me.

If you’re in a position to help her out, pop over to her funding page. And, of course, all the usual appreciation applies re sharing and all.

Thanks, pets! Shall now get back to your (ir)regularly (un)scheduled serious social issues and also terrible drawings.

Help Ari Make Bills And Rent

Roller Derby and the Case of the Shameless Request For Money

This post does exactly what it says on the tin. I’m gonna be talking about roller derby. And I’m gonna ask you for some of that sweet sweet cash.

What we’re doing

My derby team, the East Coast Cyclones, are doing something seriously awesome this month. We’re hosting our very first national derby tournament- which also just so happens to be the first of its kind in the country. The Queen Bee Tournament is Ireland’s first competition for establishing teams and B-teams.

I know. Kind of a big deal.

Why would you do that?

Why would we put ourselves through organising a tournament? Why an establishing/B-teams tournament?

You see, derby has kind-of exploded in Ireland in the last couple of years. While there are a few teams that have been around since as far back as 2008 (I’m lookin’ at you, Cork Firebirds and Dublin Roller Derby), most of us popped up in the past two years or so. Loads of us have just started playing actual games in the past year. And while we love watching the established A teams kick ass on the track (and oh gawd do they kick ass), we want in on the action too. The derby action.

So we’re hosting a tournament for the rest of us.

But, like, aren’t you guys like.. less good? Why would I support less-good?

It’s true. There are skaters in this country (especially on those A teams) who could destroy the likes of myself in a matter of nanoseconds. At least, there are right now. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t put on a good show and fight some hardass derby. We’ve all been training our butts off and, let me tell you, the standard of derby in the newer teams in Ireland has gone through the roof in the last few months. It’s going to be a hell of a show.

Also? There’s nothing like watching a tournament with teams that are pretty darn well matched to each other. The Queen Bee is up for grabs and I have no idea where it’s gonna go.

How awesome is that, like?

You mentioned a small matter of cash? Money, dollars, euros, pounds? That kind of thing?

Doing this kind of thing is expensive. Pricey. Not cheap. And a small-town derby team like the Cyclones? We’re not exactly rolling in cash. We’ve got halls to rent, tape to buy, mile-high stacks of sandwiches to make, and a million other tiny things that add up to a hefty chuck of currency to make this happen.

So we’re gonna do what we always do. We’re gonna skate.

Tomorrow evening, we’re taking to the Bray Promenade for a 10-mile sponsored skate to help fund the tournament. We’re gonna skate our bums off! And in return, all we’d like are your sweet, delicious donations.

Do us a favour? Click on the picture below and throw a coupla quid our way, won’t ya? And if you haven’t the cash (I know the feeling!), give us a share and get your loaded friends to support us. G’wan. Do it for the derby.


Roller Derby and the Case of the Shameless Request For Money