I’ve been away all week in Glasgow visiting Ladyfriend, catching up with Ultimate Bro, embarrassing all and sundry with my terrible Scottish accent, getting drawing and ukelele lessons from Ladyfriend and meeting up with loads of my wonderful Glaswegians and Edinburghians. Ladyfriend’s just moved into a new flat and neither she or Ultimate Bro have internet yet- in fairness, Ladyfriend doesn’t even have a proper floor or a fridge yet in the new flat, so it’s not like her priorities are off (internet is ordered and will arrive Friday, and fripperies like floors and fridges will, I’m sure, be sorted sometime soonish).

But yep, we’ve just been hanging out. Being fairly low-key. Nothing majorly exciting. Getting rained on a lot, marvelling at the way that things here are actually affordable, that kind of thing. Definitely nothing that could be legitimately called adventurous.

Interesting public transport here, though.