Mens’ rights, child mutilation and the Evil Feminist Agenda.

Today seems to be one of those days when people just can’t quit being Wrong On The Internet. Between antipornradfems on one hand and MRAs on the other, what started off as some webcomics with my morning tea has turned into a full-on annoyfest.

Before I type another word, by the way, I’m going to plonk a great big TW on the rest of this post. There’ll be strong language, I’ll be talking about MRAs and child mutilation. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

You see, there’s a thing that happens. It happens whenever women are ever mentioned. Something to do with women is mentioned, something a bit misogynistic is criticised, and all of a sudden the place is swarming with MRAs talking about- what else- FGM. And how those pesky feminists just couldn’t care less about all the baby boys being circumcised.

So if you don’t mind, as a fully paid-up member of the Evil Feminazi Conspiracy, I’m going to lay out precisely what the agenda is on the chopping up of kiddy bits. Since we’re a monolithic organisation that brooks no dissent, you can simply refer to this at any time in the future when talking to anyone of a feminist persuasion.

The Evil Feminazi Agenda On The Mutilation Of Children

  • We support the right of all humans, regardless of gender or sex, to bodily integrity. This includes the right of children- whether female, male, or intersex- to never undergo unnecessary surgeries at the whims of their parents or societies.
  • We oppose all violations of the bodily integrity of children.
  • Where violations of the bodily integrity of children are present and widespread, we acknowledge that we may be forced to pick our battles, and to focus first on the instances where violations and harm are greatest.
  • We acknowledge the fact that, while circumcision of male-assigned children is harmful, this harm is significantly less than that of the mutilation of female- and intersex-assigned babies, children and teenagers, who frequently have their external genitalia removed entirely, or altered to look cosmetically ‘normal’ while inflicting considerable nerve damage.
  • We acknowledge, also, that while male circumcision is generally carried out shortly after birth, FGM and mutilation of intersex minors often occurs later in the life of the child, when they are old enough to remember the procedure.
  • Because of this, from a harm reduction perspective, our initial efforts- while acknowledging MGM- are generally towards preventing the mutilation of female and intersex minors.

Or, in short, and far less politely:

  • The equivalent of FGM isn’t male circumcision. The equivalent of ‘moderate’ forms of FGM would be chopping male-assigned kids’ penises off. The equivalent of more severe forms of FGM would be chopping their penises off, shoving their testicles right up into their abdomen, and removing their scrotum. And then saying that it doesn’t impair sexual function because you’ve left them with a working prostate.

If you read this, and still want to equate what is done to male-assigned babies to what is done to female- and intersex-assigned babies and kids? Then, in short: fuck you. Fuck you with a decaying fucking porcupine. And I hope, for their sakes, that you are never, ever in a position of guardianship or authority over a female- or intersex-assigned kid.

That is all.

Mens’ rights, child mutilation and the Evil Feminist Agenda.