New FeministIre post: Debating Abortion in TCD

My latest post over at Feminist Ire, Debating Choice at TCD is a review of last week’s abortion debate in Trinity.

I expected the usual suspects and more of the same- accusations flying from all sides, a lack of common ground so extreme that it’s surprising that we’re all technically speaking the same language.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Check out the rest over at FemIre

Also, have a super bonus pic of me and fellow-FemIreist Ariel with Feministe‘s Jill Filipovic, who was a guest speaker at the debate. And who was brilliant. Us bloggly types are super cool, yo.


Also in FeministIre this week, Wendy asks What Happens to the Victims of sex trafficking. An excerpt:

there seems to be this assumption that if sex traffickers can’t get their victims into Sweden, they’ll just give up and go home. Why would that be? There’s nothing special about sex trafficking into Sweden that would lead traffickers to make a career change if they couldn’t do it anymore. So what would they do instead?

Definitely worth a read. TW on both of those links, by the way, for talk of misogyny, sexual assault & trafficking, and associated unpleasantness.

New FeministIre post: Debating Abortion in TCD