SFrivolous Saturday: Irish Football Fans Are A Glorious Reminder That Humans Are Bloody Brilliant

This week has been bloody awful, hasn’t it? Fifty Latinx LGBTQIA people were gunned down in Orlando last Sunday. That wasn’t even the first mass shooting in a gay bar this month. Yesterday lunchtime UK Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered by a far-rightwing extremist as she walked out of a library. I’ve walked around all of this week with what felt like a rock sitting in my guts, full of a sadness and fear that just wouldn’t lift. In short, it’s bloody sucked this week, hasn’t it? Which, my lovelies, is where the Irish football fans come in. They’re like a sparkling, off-key ray of (let’s admit it, somewhat inebriated) light in a world gone grey.

A bit of background: There’s a football (fine, Americans: soccer) championship on at the moment here in Europe- the Euros. Some fans (I’m lookin’ at you, England. I’m lookin’ at you and I have my Disapproving Teacher Face on ’cause you are not making yourselves look good) have been rampaging through France being terriblegetting themselves arrested, being horrible to children, the lot.

Y’know who’s not being awful? The Irish. If the English are behaving like Slytherin fans (and not even awesome Slytherins), the Irish are basically Griffinpuffs. Huffledors. Good humoured, helpful and FABULOUS.

I mean, they’re helping people change their flat tyres:

And while some other fans we could mention have been starting fights with other teams supporters, our lot had.. a different idea:

Of course, we wouldn’t be Irish if we didn’t get at least one tongue-in-cheek jab in at our English neighbours.. (NSFW language in this one too):

And sure, what’s a tournament without a song (or six)?

Sometimes you just don’t know how things are gonna work out. What’ll you do?

And at the end of it all? Tidying the streets after them (oh, and saying some NSFW things, btw):

So, what do ya think? Irish football fans: best or, yep, best? I’ll give them this: they made me laugh my ass off for the first time all week.

Photo by dullhunk

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SFrivolous Saturday: Irish Football Fans Are A Glorious Reminder That Humans Are Bloody Brilliant