Every Equal Marriage Debate Ever

So I promised myself I’d take weekends off from blogging from now on. I think if it’s ever going to work I’m gonna have to lock myself away from all kinds of news and media from midday Friday until Monday morning, because I just can’t seem to keep away.

I’m always amazed when I watch debates between marriage equality advocates and opponents.

What happens, you see, is that you have an opponent claiming that marriage must be kept solely between people of different legal genders in order to protect children.

Then, inevitably, a parent raising kids in a same-sex partnership and an adult who was raised by two mums or two dads talk about their experiences of having done just fine, thank you very much, except for having their kids/parent considered a legal stranger to them.

Opponents ignore these people standing in front of them and rattle on about complementarity without actually mentioning what precisely is to be complemented, while waving discredited studies about.

Advocates come back with actual statistics regarding those studies and go into precisely why they were discredited.

An opponent tells everyone that the problem is that we’re all getting far too over-emotional and can’t we just look at this logically and dispassionately and decide that men and women are the only people who can get married without all those pesky ‘feelings’ getting in the way.

Then, in a moment that had me wanting to get up from my sofa and clap wildly, George Hook comes in all guns blazing like the legend that he is: “How can Gerry Fahy say that I’m emotional about the greatest emotion of all- love? Of course I’m emotional about love! It’s an emotional thing! And you can’t expect like.. if Ingrid thought for a moment that at any point in the last forty years I wasn’t emotional about her, she’d show me the door!”

It was a beautiful thing.

If you fancy seeing anti-equality “forces” getting trounced on national TV- and let’s face it, who doesn’t- hop over to the Late Late and start at 1:17. I’m sorry that I can’t seem to embed it- if anyone knows if/how to get RTE vids embedded, let me know!

Every Equal Marriage Debate Ever