Help Kate Stay Alive


I’m not American. I don’t tend to throw around words like ‘heroes’ when I speak about the people I admire- it’s a word that seems clunky and ill-fitting to me.

If I did, though, Kate Bornstein would be one of them. Not just for her writing and her work- although those are immensely valuable and important. For who she is. For the genuine interest she takes in the people around her. For her warmth, her openness, and the love and community she embodies. While we don’t agree on absolutely everything- on the other hand, who the hell agrees with someone on everything?- she is one of the most genuinely engaging people I have ever been fortunate enough to meet. I’m immensely privileged to call her a friend.

Kate needs your help.

She’s suffering from lung cancer. It’s treatable. Getting through the treatment and compensating for the money she won’t be earning is going to cost her about $100,000.

Nobody should ever have to look for money for medical treatment. Medicine is a right, damnit. The fact that someone I care about who has given so goddamn much to our community has to ask for help in accessing the  life-saving treatment she needs and keeping a roof over her head when she does it? It is wrong. This shouldn’t be happening. Everyone, whether famous or unknown, rich or poor, admirable or asshole, should be able to get the treatment and support they need without question.

This shouldn’t be happening, but it is.

If you can spare anything- anything, even a couple of eurodollarpounds- please go to her fundraiser and donate what you can. If you can’t spare money, please share and spread the word.

Kate has helped so many of us to stay alive. Please, right now, return the favour.

Help Kate Stay Alive

Help a blogger out?

No, not me.

Greta Christina has been writing amazing stuff on skepticism, feminism, and LGBTQ topics for years. She’s been an inspiration to me for a long time. When I was coming to terms with my own atheism, and with dealing with tragedy without any belief in gods, it was Greta’s writing that I turned to time and again. She was one of the people who helped me most in working out how to see this fragile, temporary life as beautiful and meaningful.

She’s also a badass who’s never been slow to kick verbal ass when needed.

And now she needs our help. Just weeks after the death of her father, Greta’s been diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, it’s a kind of cancer that she’ll probably recover from. Unfortunately, she’s going to be unable to work for some time while she’s going through treatment. Since she’s self-employed, this could lead to serious financial worries for her.

If there’s anything you can give to help, please do. She’s not just looking for donations- encouragement, kind (religion-free, please) words, stories of how you’ve gotten through something similar. Anything to make this time easier for Greta and her family. And please do spread the word on whatever platform you have. Let’s give something back to her and show that we’ve got her back.

Help a blogger out?