Aoife is a vile opportunist attention-seeker, jumping on a bandwagon for clicks and money.

Well. An awful lot of you read my last post on Bowie. And a lot of things came up in the comments, as well as discussions about the post in other spaces (my Facebook and Twitter and.. a lot of other places). There are some things I’d like to respond to here. I’m going to separate them into a few different posts, because they’re different enough to warrant it. And I pretty much haven’t the time to deal with them all in one go.

“Aoife is a vile opportunist attention-seeker, jumping on a bandwagon for clicks and money.”

I could tell you that the ad revenue we get here at FtB is the opposite of spectacular. Sure, that post garnered more hits than anything I’d ever written before. That does mean that in a few months time I’ll get a somewhat bigger chunk of cash than I normally would. Continue reading “Aoife is a vile opportunist attention-seeker, jumping on a bandwagon for clicks and money.”

Aoife is a vile opportunist attention-seeker, jumping on a bandwagon for clicks and money.

Post-November Update

What feels like a million years ago at the start of November I gave myself the (faintly ridiculous in retrospect) challenge to blog 50,000 words over the course of a month. I am almost certain that I didn’t, er, exactly make it to the magic 50k. I stopped counting about halfway through November when I was distracted by trips away and Pink Training and applying for jobs (siiigh) and the like.

I did publish 35 posts, though- not counting reblogs or guest posts. Buggered if I know what the word count was- WordPress doesn’t seem to have a nice handy “How many words did I write in November?” widget, and it turns out I’m not particularly keen on looking up each one individually. Probably a nice big number, though. More importantly, I got a really good idea of the things I like to do here, the things I want to pursue, and what I can (healthily) commit to.

Left to my own devices I would write every frickin’ hour of the day. The more I write, the more I think about writing and the more issues I want to write on and angles I want to explore. There is no way that I can get through all that and still have time to have a reasonably balanced life. Today I have 54 posts in my Drafts folder in various stages of completion. Fifty-four! If I didn’t have a single new idea for a post, I could keep blogging every single day for almost two months on that!

But that wouldn’t be fun. And the main things that I want to get out of this blog are engagement, community and fun. If it’s not fun for me (and you), there’s no point. So here’s what I’d like to do from here on. It’s not a commitment, it’s ideas. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that when it comes to blogging, ideas are far more useful;

  • I’d like to stick to about five posts a week. I’m tempted- by FSM am I tempted- to write every day. But writing long posts every day is very time and energy-consuming. I like putting a lot of research into my posts. Posting about five times a week gives me a day off and gives me space to go off and research things. The chances that I’ll stick to this are, er, minimal.. but i’ll try and keep any other posts short ‘n’ sweet. 
  • I love, love, love bringing other people into my blog. I have plans for two different interviews with amazing artists in the next month or so, as well as two wonderful guest posts from one of them in that To-Be-Edited pile. I would love to share more brilliant people with you, and to bring in new perspectives on the things that I talk about.
  • Posts that aren’t just writing. Making drawings, lists and the like is fun. I like posting things in a format that isn’t just walls of text like this is. I’ve been mostly stuck with writing over the past while since the death of my MacBook Pro stuck me to things that my wee Eee PC netbook can do. After Christmas, though, I’ll have a brand-new (second-hand, one careful lady owner) MBP to play with. I foresee oodles more pictures, a return to recipes, and some vlogging on top of it all. Suffice to say that I’m counting the days until I can get my mitts on that gorgeous MBP and start making things.

All in all? Although I didn’t make it to 50,000 words, NaBloPoMo was a massive success. I’m really proud of my 35 posts. I’ve loved diving headfirst into writing and communicating. At the end of it, I have oodles of ideas for making the Tea Cosy even more awesome than it is. And- for the first time I can remember- I can’t wait until January. Not bad, eh?

And You Lot? Thanks, all of you, for showing up, reading, commenting, and supporting me on my bloggly endeavours. Go give yourselves a hug from me.


Post-November Update

What now?

You may have noticed that, for the first time since beginning this blog, I said that I’d put the blog on hiatus and stuck to it. This was partly due to Personal Matters throwing a wrench in my mojo, but it was also partly due to wanting to take some time to work out what I’d like to do with this blog.

What I’ve come up with is this: I want to blog more consistently. More predictably. No more abandoning this place for a week or two and then firing off three posts in a day! I’m going to schedule three posts every week. Not that three posts is necessarily all you’ll get, mind. But there’ll be at least three. And here’s what they’ll be:

Serious business is for Saturdays. This is where you’ll get my reasonably well-considered opinions on things. Pontificating on society and whatnot.

Mondays will be less serious- anecdotes, things I’ve cooked, places I’ve been. ‘Cause who wants something serious on a Monday? Not me.

Wednesdays? Wednesdays are for linkspams. Because I frickin’ love linkspams, and I firmly believe that people who do/write awesome things online should get all the sharing they can.

Aside from that, I just want to thank everyone for all the support and wishes in the past few weeks. It’s been a tough time- still is. As often happens at times like this, though, I’ve been incredibly touched and overwhelmed by the people around me. Both online and offline. I’m lucky to know you lot.

It’s good to be back!

What now?

Post-A-Week 2011: better late than never!

Yes, I know that normally I post more than once a week. But I normally post more than once a week when it’s easy, and can go ages when I’m uninspired. Or busy. Or tired. Or like last week, when I bought a pair of roller skates and was busy trying to stay one step ahead of the car park caretaker while simultaneously not falling on my bum.

So I figured I’d try making a commitment to actually posting a minimum of once a week, and The DailyPost seemed as good a way as any to do it. Also, it might be a bit of fun. I’m not committing to a post every day, because I think that’s unrealistic. But I am going to try and go for at least two or three a week, with a minimum of one.

Also, that way I get a rather adorable button!

Post-a-week badge

Post-A-Week 2011: better late than never!

Onward into 2011!

Well, hello there! So, if you’re anything like me, you’re sitting about in your dressing-gown trying to get some work done*, catching up on laundry, contemplating what kind of new start you should be having for the new year, and eyeing up the last half-dozen mince pies.
If you are not doing this, congratulations! Those of you with actual non-pyjama pants on, I salute you. Here, have a mince pie. They’re M&S, you know. Very tasty indeed.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to do with this blog. So far, it’s mainly been a place for me to ramble on about my various opinions on things. While that’s lovely and all, I have a few other ideas for semi-regular things I’d like to include which could vary it up a bit, most of which are rather more closely related to my real life than I’d originally intended this blog to be. So in 2011, expect to see a lot (more) of the following:

Conversations I Have With People On Trains And Buses While I Am Knitting And Commuting
I may need an ever-so-slightly snappier title for this one. However, my current job involves an awful lot of travelling around the country. Since I don’t yet drive**, that involves a lot of time on buses and trains. To keep myself entertained, I knit! And you know something? Picking up a pair of sticks and some yarn in a public place makes all the awesomest old ladies want to talk to you.

Nifty Pictures I Have Taken
Like I said above, I spend an awful lot of time on buses and trains. And bus stops, and train stations, wandering down adorable little country roads and exploring towns and villages. I like to bring my camera along! It would be nice to pop up a post of Nifty Pictures What I Have Taken every week or two. These might even involve pictures I have taken of things which I have made while having conversations with people on buses and trains. You never know! This, by the way, is also my way of getting myself to get off my bum and actually upload pics from my camera more than once every few months.

And that will be that. I don’t want to overload with a whole lot of new things to write about and end up giving up after a month. And I think that Pictures, Conversations On Trains, and Opinions I Have On Things are a pretty good start, all told.

Hope you’re all having a good start to the year!

*Aaaaah, Working From Home Days, I love them so.
**Completely normal, by the way, for a non-American. Just so all you USians know.

Onward into 2011!

Holidays and zzzzzzzzzzz..

Apologies for the lack of posts- I know I promised I’d get something up at least once or twice a week. The past couple of weeks have been nuts, though, so I’m going to officially call ’em a Christmas hiatus since that’s the holiday I tend to celebrate around this time of year. The next couple of days I shall be running about with last minute bits and pieces, eating everything in the world, and then falling over. However! I have a bunch of drafts of half-posts ready and waiting for the post-Eggsmas return to consciousness.
In the meantime, hope you’re all having a good time, whether you celebrate a holiday this time of year or not.

Holidays and zzzzzzzzzzz..

Blogging it up

I’ve been thinking an awful lot about this blog. I have ideas pretty much daily for things to blog about. They don’t get written, though, for two major reasons:

*Firstly, I tend to do my thinking about things to write about either in the shower, or on my bike. Both of these are times when I don’t have access to the internet, as well as being times when I’m likely to be running off to Do Something Or Other either right then, or right after. By the time I’m done with my errands, I’ve likely completely forgotten what I wanted to talk about. This one.. this one I can’t do much about, save keeping a notebook for taking notes with me. Which I do. It’s full of notes. Oops.

*Secondly, and more importantly: I think of posts like essays. I think of the several different issues I want to touch on on each post, and how I’m going to construct it, and before I know it it’s turned into a novel in my head. Sitting down to write novels? It’s intimidating!

So my promise now is: I shall write nice short entries about things. If I have a topic that needs lots of talking about? I’ll write it bit by bit and you can have it over several days. I want to make a commitment to write at least two entries here per week, but I don’t want to set myself up for failure. However, I’ll do my best to check in here at least every few days, okay?

Right. There we are.

Now it’s stopped raining, so I’m off into town to drop off some post, pop into work for an hour to take care of some things, and then head out into the vast wildernesses of The Countryside to help a friend of mine move house.

Blogging it up