This, this, THIS.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal webcomic. In the first panel, entitled 'What Usually Happens', a girl says to her mother "Mommy! My friends at school called me ugly", and her mother replies "Oh sweetie. No, you're beautiful". The second panel is called 'What Would Be Better'. In this one, the girl says "Mommy! My friends at school called me ugly", and her mother replies "Your friends are assholes".

Oh, SMBC, how awesome are you?
Seriously. So delightfully, wonderfully awesome. You see, one of the things that bugs me to a huge extent (and that I absolutely intend to write a proper post about, because I have Some Ideas relating to it) is the way that we seem to think it’s okay to place value judgements on how people look. It’s not just that we look a particular way. We look a particular way and that’s good, or it’s bad.

SMBC are right. The response to being called ugly shouldn’t be to say that you’re beautiful. It really, really should be that the very idea that your appearance is worthy of judgement is an asshole move. Your appearance is your thing, it’s your business. My aesthetic preferences in others are my thing, my kink, my business. Not generalisable, and definitely not worthy of giving people crap over.

…and now I get off my soapbox.



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This, this, THIS.