So long!

It’s midsummer here in Ireland. The sun is shining rain is falling a little warmer than in December. And I? I’m going to abandon you all to the mists of July, fish my tent out of the cupboard and take a break.

But don’t you worry. I’ll be back. And while you won’t be seeing any new posts until early August, I’ll be working hard behind the scenes, like a duck serenely floating along the lake and paddling like there’s no tomorrow under the water.

Probably about as damp as the duck as well, come to think of it. Have I mentioned that it rains all summer in this country?


I need to change how I do blogging. I’ve been doing this since 2010. I’m not sure whether I do this out of love or a deep seated masochism. Probably a bit of both, if I’m fair. But while I’ve been at this for six long years, it’s never been an organised operation. You could say that I’ve been blogging by the seat of my pants and the skin of my teeth. I’ll write three or four posts in a week and then disappear for weeks on end. That’s not good enough any more.

It’s time to streamline this baby.

While I’m away, I’ll still be working- writing and drafting, researching and scheduling posts so that I can guarantee regular updates even when I’m up the walls with college assignments. I’ve got a stack of topics months (possibly years) deep that I want to share with you, and the only way I’ll get them done is to step way, way back from the hamster wheel of posting about whatever godawful thing has happened this week

Why now?

My life is about to get turned upside-down. Inside-out. I’ve got about six weeks to go until I pack up my life and move country to go back to college in a town that I’ve never yet set foot in.

I’m a little bit excited about that, by the way. These last few years have often felt a little hopeless. I’ve felt like my life has been somehow on hold- working in jobs that can’t go anywhere, barely making the rent. Not knowing if I’ll ever get out of that cycle. I know that I’m not the only person feeling that way. I also know that I’ve been lucky and privileged in innumerable ways.

Returning to college? It’s a dream come true that I thought had been taken away years ago. And this course will have me living on two new countries- Denmark and Germany- over the next two years. Living in two cities I’ve never gotten to see before. Meeting people from all over the world. It’s hard to believe I’m this lucky, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Of course, this ain’t my first rodeo. I know that a full-time two-year MA is gonna be tough. If I want to avoid all-nighters- and I really do, since my twenties faded into the distance years ago- I’ve got to be organised about this. If I want this blog to stay a part of what I do? It’s time to plan. To draft. To schedule. To chuck the seat of my pants and the skin of my teeth into the trash and blog like the goddamn grown-up I am.

Oh yeah. \m/

And in the meantime? I’ve got six weeks to sort my life out, pack everything up, and spend as much time with my friends and family as I possibly can. I’ll be working, I’ll be visiting my BFF, I’ll be packing my schedule with coffee and pints and hugs and visits and drinking up every precious second with my loved ones before I head away for the year.

And in between, I’ll be brainstorming, researching, drafting, and scheduling.

Cut to the chase, Aoife. What can we expect?

Between now and the second week in August (unless something happens that I can’t resist talking about), I won’t be publishing any new posts here. I will be reposting old articles that feel relevant and timely. I’ve got six years of work buried in here!

I’ll also almost certainly be active on my public social media accounts when I’m not in a field with nothing to charge my gadgets on. If you don’t already follow me on Twitter and Facebook– why on earth not? If you want to see my tent-putting-up skillz or what I’ve been having for lunch, I’m around on Instagram a fair bit too. Say hi!

I’m also willing to take submissions for guest posts while I’m away. If you’re interested in writing one, send me a message on my Facebook page, or email me- it’s the title of this blog at gmail dot com. All submissions are subject to fitting within the ethos of both the Orbit and Consider the Tea Cosy, of course. Let me know if you’ve an idea, and we’ll talk.

When I return? I’ll have new plans, new schedules, and hopefully a few surprises up my sleeves.

See you all on the other side!

So long!

6 thoughts on “So long!

  1. 2

    You go girl!
    As for me:
    This place where I live: I will be leaving this house in a body-bag.
    I am way too old and timid to do something really new.
    If I want to return to University, it’s a 12 minute walk or a 2 minute train.
    I have often considered an advanced degree in Philosophy.

  2. 4

    Best wishes–I won’t say luck, because brains and determination are the things that will give you success, and we know you have those. I hope all goes well, and I await your return with bated breath.

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