Please Bear With Me: day jobs calling.

Remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted about how I have this new job that has me working all-day-every-day for a few weeks at a time and then off for another few weeks?

I’m off again!

This time I’ll be off working for two weeks, so I might be quieter than usual for the next two and a half weeks or so. I’ll need a couple of days to decompress once I’m done.

I do hope to publish some posts during the fortnight, but I can’t guarantee anything. If you’ve left a comment on a post and it’s gotten stuck in spam or mod, please be patient with me as I won’t be able to check here as regularly as usual.

If you want to keep up with me or get in touch or bring something to my attention, my Facebook page is the place to go. But you know that already, cause you’ve already liked and followed me there. Haven’t you? Of course you have.

Thanks for bearing with me while I’m less around than usual!

Oh and before I go, one thing: I’m sure I’m not the only one who works a job where I end up spending weeks on end staying in hotels all over the place. Aside from too much Netflix (OITNB, I’m lookin’ at you..) how do you keep yourself amused on your off hours?

Please Bear With Me: day jobs calling.

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    Don’t have lots of “staying in hotels” experience, but if you have adequate portable computage, at least the libraries around me, and possibly the libraries near you, have e-books you can check out.

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