Help Yemi Get Citizenship

We’ve spent weeks here banging on about our Orbit kickstarter and asking you all to help us get this place started with your sweet, sweet cash. I know that the last thing that you want to hear is another request for financial help. But this one is important. And it’s incredibly time-sensitive:


My name is Yemi. I was born Lagos in Nigeria. When I was 12, my parents left Nigeria and landed in one of Ireland’s Direct Provision Centres.

I’ve got my permanent residency in Ireland, but I am barred from voting and am unable to even leave Ireland unless I get my citizenship. I’ve been trying to get my citizenship in Ireland, as I’m currently eligible (since 2006), but I need a few things in order to get that.

First, my GNIB card, which everyone who has permanent residency must have, needs to be renewed. It costs 300 EU and if I do not get it renewed by April 30th, I risk messing up my citizenship application and possible legal trouble with an Garda Siochana (the Irish police).

Second, I need 900 EU for my citizenship application and another 60EU for my Irish passport.

Any money collected above my goals will go to helping my younger brother get his GNIB renewal and citizenship.



Yemi’s been living in Ireland since she was 12 years old. It’s bloody ridiculous that despite having permanent residency for ten years, she still has to worry about getting deported if she can’t come up with €300 to renew her residency card every year. It’s even more ridiculous that until she gets that citizenship she can’t even leave the country.

Nobody should be deported from their home for financial reasons. (Actually: nobody should be deported from their home. But that’s a bigger issue.)

Please check out Yemi’s GoFundme. If you can afford to help, please do donate. If you don’t have the spare cash, please share.


Help Yemi Get Citizenship

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