The Problem With “Dress Professionally”

People say you should “dress professionally”. Dressing professionally and how I dress when I’m at my most productive are.. not the same.

A picture starting with the title “The problem with ‘dress professionally’”. Under this are three columns. The column to the left is titled “relaxed edition”. In this is a picture of a person wearing a turquoise shirt, dark grey trousers and brown shoes. There are arrows pointing to different parts of the person. Hair: styled, obeying gravity. Face: painted. Clothes: clean, ironed, seasonally appropriate. Shoes: match outfit. The middle column is titled “starting work”. There is a picture of the same person, this time with messy hair, a big pink bathrobe and mismatched slippers. They may be wearing yesterday’s shirt. Their trousers may be pyjamas. The final column on the right is titled “MAX PRODUCTIVITY”. In this, the same person is shown to be still wearing their bathrobe, but they’ve covered it with a sleeping bag. Text indicates they may have a hot water bottle in the sleeping bag. Below this is text reading: “Not shown: infinite tea, cats”.

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6 thoughts on “The Problem With “Dress Professionally”

    1. 2.1

      You do not include the kitteh. The kitteh includes you.

      (but also if you have pockets, the reusable heating pads with the clicking things are the BEST IMO)

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