In case you thought anti-choicers gave a toss about women. Or children.

And they say that we’re the ones who don’t care about children?!



This is what happens when women speak up. This is what happens when we tell our stories.

Remember: this isn’t about preventing abortions. It is perfectly legal for pregnant people in Ireland to travel overseas to access the medical care that our country refuses to give us. In 1992, the country was asked to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment to our constitution, which specifically allows pregnant people to leave the country for abortion. It was passed by a 2/3 majority.

There has never, to my knowledge, been a serious effort to repeal the Thirteenth Amendment.

They do not try to prevent people from having abortions.

Instead, they silence them. Call them murderers. Tell them to kill themselves or their children.

There is nothing pro-life about anti-choice. It is stone cold misogyny. Nothing more. Nothing less.
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In case you thought anti-choicers gave a toss about women. Or children.

11 thoughts on “In case you thought anti-choicers gave a toss about women. Or children.

  1. 1

    I live in the US and am adopted. So when I realized that the people protesting abortion here were just protesting and not promoting adoption or anything else for that matter I came to a very similar conclusion. The circumstances don’t matter at all to them, it’s just an excuse.

    I didn’t put all the piece together until I went to a Planned Parenthood clinic over here and saw people yelling outside. They were making up stories to themselves about what I was doing there. Being a middle aged male they assumed I had impregnated some young woman and pressured her into an abortion so I could go back to my wife. Wrong on every point and really just bizarre.

    Later I realized that every word they said was just a desperate attempt to tell themselves they were better than me or anyone else who walked in those doors.

    1. 1.1

      Sometimes here they do talk about adoption- generally in an attempt to minimise the work that pregnancy entails and the effects it can have on someone.

      A quick aside- I think that adoption is absolutely a valid choice for a pregnant person to make!

      Of course, then you get to the Irish adoption context. It’s not too many years since people who got pregnant out of wedlock would be sent to institutions, locked up, made to work for no pay, and have their babies forcibly taken from them to be adopted out to respectable families. So I’ve got to say that even if pro-life organisations here were more vocal about adoption? Our history in that regard is ugly enough that I would not be willing to take them in good faith.

    2. 1.2

      There are some pro-forced-birth groups that promote adoption, especially through “crisis pregnancy centers” (a.k.a. bait-and-switch centers) — but they only promote adoption exclusively to fundamentalist Christian families as the only acceptable course of action for women who are pregnant and are not financially-stable married fundamentalist Christians. They abandon (and sometimes get ridiculously nasty towards) pregnant women who decide they might like to be parents after all (and might just need a little bit of help), or who want to go through with the adoption process with less-horrible people as the adoptive parent(s).

  2. 2

    Any time you see a supposed pro-lifer who isn’t handing out free condoms, you’re seeing someone who doesn’t have the fate of the unborn as their top priority. If your first priority is to reduce the number of abortions, we already know how to do that: Sex education and contraception access.

    If you want fewer abortions, this is THE way to go. There is no other. It’s the single tried-and-true method for reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies. It’s been thoroughly tested, it absolutely works and it actually saves tax payers money!

    Why are we still discussing this? Because saving the children isn’t really what this is about.

  3. 3

    While I am pro-choice myself, I feel obligated to say the same kind of thing that I say when someone tries to demonize all Christians because someone who claims to be a Christian says something f***witted: they’re not *all* like that. Sure, there are *plenty* of industrial-grade ass-hats who call themselves “pro-life” when they’re really more “pro shaming women for their sexual choices” or the like, but there *are* decent and reasonable people out there who simply honestly and genuinely think abortion is morally wrong.

    There are “pro-life” people out there who genuinely act like they *are* pro-life, not just pro-birth-no-matter-the-costs. They promote contraception, and sex ed in schools. They promote generous public support for single and/or poor mothers, so they’re more likely to be able to keep and raise an unexpected kid (though that seems to be more of a US battle). Sometimes they even adopt special-needs or otherwise at-risk children that might otherwise go unadopted. In general, they genuinely act like the important thing is to reduce the number of abortions, not to “punish” women for their sexual choices.

    (sometimes, I feel like it is my mission in life to try to get *everyone* to genuinely and legitimately see that the other side of most issues is full of reasonable and decent people who just disagree about a few things… doesn’t mean they’re not *wrong*, but it means one probably shouldn’t paint them all as a bunch of s except where they’ve individually earned it)

    1. 3.2

      One important bit of info: remember I’m writing this from Ireland, where abortion is punishable by up to 14 years in prison, unless it is performed to directly save the pregnant person’s life.

    2. 3.3

      I absolutely get that the situation is far more nuanced elsewhere! But… well. In Ireland in the last few years:

      A woman’s corpse was kept breathing for months, despite her brain starting to rot and against her family’s wishes, just so that her foetus might reach viability.

      A woman who was desperately suicidal because of her pregnancy (a situation where abortion is technically legal) was instead involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital until her foetus was viable, at which time she was forced to undergo a Caesarian section. Against her will.

      It’s really hard to see that kind of nuance- and I really do appreciate that it exists!- in this context.

      1. And the kinds of reasonable pro-lifers I’m talking about are also generally the kind who are… not unreasonable about situations like that. Though I can… actually kind of see the point (at least, if you’re starting from a “pro-life” perspective) on the brain-dead woman. It’s not like keeping her on life support was making her any *more* dead, or causing her pain (obviously, it was very distressing to her family, but there’s no *physical* harm going on there, at least), so if you see the fetus as being a person with all the rights thereof, it’s not *entirely* unlike, say, organ donation.

        I *so* want *someone* to develop a damned uterine replicator already. Then we can legitimately say “You want to keep this fetus alive so much? Here, you take it, with my blessing.” Then abortion debates… get a *lot* less icky.

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