Yes we said yes we will YES

It’s looking like a landslide.

I have never ever felt proud of my country like I do this morning.

I haven’t any words right now- I’ll have thousands later- except YES.

We’ve done it.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, a thousand, a million times YES.

Yes we said yes we will YES
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4 thoughts on “Yes we said yes we will YES

  1. 3

    YES! 😀

    Love and fairness have won.

    Congratulations Ireland and those who live there and I hope we here in Oz and so many other nations will soon catch up up to you on this.

  2. 4


    Love and fairness have won.

    I’ve heard this over and over. When it came down to it, love and fairness were what is was all about. I think even the “No” side realised this, which is why they trying to derail the debate with spurious arguments about surrogacy.

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