What hope is there for them? Teaching homophobia to kids: apparently “important” in Belfast.

What. The. Hell. So, a school in Belfast- one that claims to be a “cross-community grammar school” without a shred of irony- is now after getting into trouble for actively teaching queer kids to equate themselves with criminals and drunkards and that they are, in fact, going to hell.

The three questions appeared in a Religious Studies worksheet.

The school said they have an ethos of inclusivity and the worksheet was part of a wider discussion on sexuality on both sides of the debate including extreme opinions.

The questions were in relation to 1 Corinthians 6: 9-11 and were set by teaching staff.

They included:

  • What do these verses tell us about homosexuals?

  • Who else is included with homosexuals?

  • What hope is there for all these people?

What. Hope. Is. There. For. All. These. People. Like the hopeless depravity here is who we are and who we love, and not the inhumanity of telling some of our most vulnerable children that they are intrinsically wrong.

Fortunately, a parent complained and the worksheet has been withdrawn- too late, of course, since it’s already been given to the kids. But here’s what the Evangelical Alliance’s Peter Lynas had to say:

[W]hile the “wording of the question could have been better” it is important to remember that most of the world’s main religions are against homosexuality.

“It is important Christian values are taught in school and schools can sometimes feel pushed into a corner over these issues,” he said.”

How dare they?! How dare he?!

If your Christian values contribute DIRECTLY to queer kids being bullied? To queer kids hating themselves, feeling like they’re broken, like they have to hide who they are or shove it down and pretend it doesn’t exist until it drives them out of their fucking minds? Then your Christian values have no place in schools. And no place in this goddamn world.

If most of the world’s main religions are against homosexuality, then most of the world’s main religions need to change. 

Just in case you’re as hopping mad about this as I am? I did a quick google. Here’s Peter Lynas’s email address. I think it’s about time he got some perspective, eh?

In the meantime, I’ll be off doing some incredibly queer stuff (no really, I have a day of DIY-with-queers planned) and shall be getting ready for it to the dulcet (and fortunately pre-horrendous-racefail) tones of Lily Allen:

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What hope is there for them? Teaching homophobia to kids: apparently “important” in Belfast.

7 thoughts on “What hope is there for them? Teaching homophobia to kids: apparently “important” in Belfast.

  1. 1

    The fuck. Teaching about what Christianity says about homosexuality is only acceptable if it’s followed up by ‘and here is how you protect yourself/a counter argument.’

  2. 2

    In the US, many Christians and out of touch leaders are still against homosexuality, but the people voting for marriage equality are Christians.

    By that school’s strange standard, the world religions are against democracy and beard shaving. Is that taught next so the kids can see how meaningless and arbitrary religious rules are?

  3. 4

    If this Christian God doesn’t want gay people why does it create them that way? That was how I used to think before I realised that all gods, like all religions, are nothing more than the creation of sick human minds.

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