Bi+ Visibility Matters.

Why Bi+ Visibility Matters, from the Bi+ Ireland Network. ‘Nuff said (aside from: B+I is my baby, g’wan over to FB and give it some love? And if you’re bi+ and connected to Ireland, shure you might as well send us a PM over there and join our group. We’re great craic, like.)

[Bi+ Visibility matters to me because we all spend too much time feeling like the only one in the room.]

I need Bi+ Visibility because I’m not HALF lesbian or HALF straight, and when I love somebody I don’t HALF love them!!

[Bi Visibility is important to me because WE ARE FAB(ulously invisible…)]
[I need Bi+ Visibility so I’m not told to “CHOOSE” when I come out to someone.]
[Bi visibility matters to me because dichotomising sexual/romantic attraction dichotomises gender, which makes it harder for all of us to be ourselves]
[Bi+ visibility is important to me because I don’t want someone else to speak for me!]
[I need bi+ visibility because I’m real & this isn’t a phase. I am not part straight or part gay. I’m bi.]

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Bi+ Visibility Matters.

4 thoughts on “Bi+ Visibility Matters.

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    Support! I know I can’t experience what it’s like to be bi, or what it’s like for straight people like myself to casually unknowingly dismiss you, but I definitely know that I don’t want other people telling me what is a “correct” or “perverse” interaction for me with people of any gender: I don’t want anyone telling me who to love or befriend and how, or tell me how I should feel, and don’t want anyone to do that to bi people either. Support!

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