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So I’ve been busy (derby tournament + busy season at work + not having an actual weekend in about three or four months), and then sick (PLAGUE. Or, y’know, a bad cold. Whatever. Lucky for me, this happened just as I arrived at my parents’ house for a visit. Nowhere better to be when you’re feeling awful), and then overcome with the feeling that I owe FtB only the most serious and well-put-together of posts and all I wanted to do was communicate in badly-drawn Venn diagrams.

Then I remembered that there’s not actually a rule against communicating in badly-drawn Venn diagrams. Please note the complete lack of overlap between these two sets:


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    Good to hear from you, and hello from Sacramento! I’m only announcing one game today, plus a couple of pre-game spots — I’m mostly working behind the scenes. If you tune in, there are two announcers with large beards — I’m the one with all the grey hairs. 🙂

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