Speaking of rugby..

It occurs to me that I’ve been here a whole week and I haven’t FTBullied anyone. I mean, ever since I got here I’ve been talking about Serious Dead Granny Feelings, showing off awesome Irish trans people, and being justifiably annoyed about people being terrible to women athletes.

If I keep on like this, you lot are going to get the impression that I’m.. nice.

So here’s a little something that the whole women’s rugby debacle reminded me of. I give you one of my favourite slightly-ridiculous Irish bands-who-sing-funny-things, Dead Cat Bounce:

And as I’m here, what’s the point of being an FTBer if you can’t take the odd potshot at religious ridiculousness? Have some Christians in Love:


Speaking of rugby..

6 thoughts on “Speaking of rugby..

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    Lol I dunno. I kinda wanna watch rugby now.

    Welcome to the bully club Aoife!

    I will not ask you how to pronounce your name. I have several working hypotheses I like and don’t want to be disappointed 🙂

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