Are you living within striking distance of Bray? Have you ever found yourself curious about roller derby? Maybe you think it sounds fun but you’re a bit apprehensive? Or maybe you’ve been dying to strap on some skates and knock people over but never quite knew where to start?

LOOK NO FURTHER! My derby league, the East Coast Cyclones, are holding an open skate on February 24th for anyone interested in trying out our fresh meat training programme, or just curious to see what it’s like to get on eight wheels. There’s no pressure to sign up- although you’re of course welcome to!- and no skating experience is required. Just pop us an email with your shoe size so we can get you kitted up, and come have some wheely fun.

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We Want You

If you’ve any questions about derby, let me know in the comments and I’ll be only too happy to answer

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    I didn’t know you were in and around Bray! My family is in Bray and Greystones. I’ll be sure to let them know what you’re up to, maybe you’ll get some new fans, or even new skaters!

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