Life? Life, my ass.

TW for anti-choicery, abuse, and abuse of animals.

Pro-choicers talk a lot about how the anti-choice movement is not really about protecting ‘life’ or preventing abortions, but punishing and controlling women.

Of a Sunday morning, I like to take a look at PostSecret over my coffee. While people’s secrets run from the mundane to the adorable to the disturbing, until this morning I’ve never been actively shocked by what I saw.


Pro-life? Pro-life, my ass.

This is control, punishment and a massive disrespect for conscious, feeling, aware life and pain. Nothing more.

Life? Life, my ass.

7 thoughts on “Life? Life, my ass.

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    Damn. 🙁 I am vehemently pro-choice, but I do have personal moral qualms about abortions. However, my reaction is then to be very pro contraception and sex education, because the best way to prevent abortions from happening is to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It saddens me that there are so many people out there who are so deeply disturbed by abortion and yet can’t think of a more constructive outlet than picketing Planned Parenthood, shaming women, and trying to limit their safe options.

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      Exactly! There’s nothing in being pro-choice that says you have to be someone who wants to have (an) abortion(s) yourself. The pro-choice movement, in my experience, is all about providing people with the education and tools and services to make up their own minds.
      And yeah, if you want to prevent abortions? You prevent unwanted pregnancies and you make sure that raising a child (if you want one) in any situation isn’t economically impossible or going to get you ostracised. Y’know, you trust women.


      Yeah, it’s sad. And killing a pet like that? Is horrifying.

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    jesus christ he sounds like an incredibly scary person to be in a relationship, this is why i don’t do that site, now i am worried about whether she is safe 🙁

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    I really hope that this is someone’s idea of a sick joke. If not, this guy sounds like a monster who is one step away from turning his violence on her 🙁 I hope that she is okay.

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