Fancy guest posting?

Apologies for the lack of a Proper Post today. I had been planning on writing something about the Magdelenes but, to be honest, it’s going to take a little longer before I’m able to get my thoughts on it into something coherent. Right now I’ve just got a whole lotta rage. 

However, in lieu of a real post I have something different- an invitation for you lot! Tomorrow week I’ll be off visiting the Ladyfriend for a little over a week. While I’ll definitely get a few posts up, I have some other things that’ll take priority. Like inflicting our smooshy lovey-doveyness on Glasgow and spending evenings ukeleleing* at each other. And catching up with the Ladybro, who’s also abandoned me from the wilds of Glaswegia and hasn’t had a chance to kick my ass in Street Fighter for months

Because I’ll be off with the canoodling and the getting my ass kicked in Street Fighter, I’d like to open this place up for a guest post or two over the week. I have some amazing commenters who are brimming full of opinions- I’d love to share the top half of the Tea Cosy with some of you. 

A couple of guidelines: I’m always delighted to share perspectives different to my own. However, I won’t give a platform to anything that’s directly contrary to my values. On a similar note, I’m entirely fine with colourful language, but slurs are not okay. If you’d prefer to post anonymously I’m happy to oblige, and if you want oodles of crediting that’s great too. If you’re not quite sure about what you’d like to say, then get in touch and we can have a chat.

Sound interesting? Drop me a line at considertheteacosy at gmail dot com! 


*not a euphemism. 

Fancy guest posting?

5 thoughts on “Fancy guest posting?

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    You play the ukelele? Also you use the word “canoodling”, which makes you even more awesome 🙂 I’d write a guest post, but I tend to be pretty incoherent, so I’ll leave it to some of the more eloquent commenters 🙂

    Also, on an unrelated note, my avatar is always a really angry hexagon… 🙁

    1. 1.1

      Awwww, I’m sure you could throw an opinion or two down! And I’d be happy to edit and give you a hand if you did have something you wanted to write about. What with you being (ssshhh!) one of my favourite commenters ‘n’ all. 😉

      However, if you want a better avatar you can sign up with gravatar and it’ll use that. The hexagons are there purely for my own amusement 🙂

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    Haha, that sounds oddly like one of my holidays with my ladylove, except somehow and inexplicably she managed to beat me and my brother in Street Fighter despite barely ever console gaming!

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