OMG! 200 posts!

The title of this post is actually a great big lie. Because I hadn’t taken into account posts I’d scheduled, this is actually the 201st post here! How awesome is that?  I was going to give myself a day off blogging but, well, the idea of having written 200 whole posts here was one I was way too excited about sharing to pass up. So far I’ve been having a fantastic time hanging out in this here blogosphere. I’ve gotten to know some brilliant people, shared tons of ideas, had conversations I’d never have otherwise had a chance to have, and learned so much. I can’t wait so see what the next 200 posts have in store.

With any luck, I'll be writing post 400 from here.
With any luck, I’ll be writing post 400 from here.


So, to celebrate my 200th post, I decided to take a look into some of the more interesting search terms that people have been using to get here, and see if I can’t help people out:

  • michael d higgins tea cosy pattern

Oh, I wish I could help you with this one. Of course, if I could, I’d be frantically stitching away myself. Who doesn’t want a Michael Tea Higgins of their very own? For those of you who are mystified, Michael D Higgins is the Irish President. He’s rather well known for a delightful smackdown of the US Tea Party. This was the response. I don’t know about you, but I think the resemblance is pretty stunning:

Unfortunately, nobody’s uploaded a Micheal Tea Higgins pattern. Maybe someday I’ll make one up, and You Lot will be the first to know.

  • sociology of tea drinking in ireland

Oh my god. Is someone researching this? Can I be a someone who researches this? If someone else is then how to I get in on your study? Can I be your research assistant? I am an expert in this field. I drink tea in any and all circumstances. I drink tea up the tops of mountains and in your ma’s living room. Give me a baggie with a straw and some SCUBA gear and I’ll drink tea in the bottom of the sea. Do you think anyone fancies funding a PhD in this?

Oh my. I think I’m getting a case of the vapours just thinking about it. Time to put the kettle on.

  • vampire jesus
    • Also: jesus vampire, was jesus a vampire, jesus was a vampire, jesus the vampire, jesus a vampire?, jesus is a vampire, jesus a vampire, was jesus a vampire?, is jesus a vampire, was jesus a zombie or a vampire, and more combinations of the words “jesus” and “vampire” than you can imagine.

Well. I can’t claim to be an expert on this, but all of you people out there in the internet seem rather worryingly interested in it. I did, however, write an article a couple of years ago called Drink From Me And Live Forever: The case for Vampire Jesus, as a rebuttal to the claims every Easter that Jesus was a zombie. Psh. Obviously not a zombie.

I will, er, note just for the record though that I don’t actually believe that Jesus, or anyone else, is a vampire. Because vampires are made-up. And I’m pretty damn sure that religion is too. But they’re fun ideas to play with.

  • how to wear flat tea cozy with veil

I have no idea. I will say, though, that people generally wear tea cosies on their kettles and not on their heads. If you have a tea cosy that goes on your head, though, I hope that you are ever so warm and snuggly in it. As for wearing a veil with it? Well, doesn’t that depend on the kind of veil you’re talking about? Do we mean the kind you wear at a wedding or the hijab kind or something completely different? Either way, I have no idea but I’d love to find out. And if you wore a tea cosy with a veil to your wedding then I want to meet you. Because you will be my new best friend.

  • are tea cosys and lesbians related


  • is it best to roast root veg before making soup with it

Hell yeah! Here, have a recipe for my favourite roasted root veggie soup. Your mouth will love you for the rest of your life.


  • does cumin go well in roast veggie soup?

Yes. Dear sweet parsnippy goodness, yes.

  • bisexuals labeling themselves lesbian


Are perfectly fine. Everyone has their own way of defining their sexuality. Nobody lives in someone else’s head or knows what it’s like to be them. If you feel like a lesbian and fancy the odd guy, then more power to you. Labels should be descriptive, not prescriptive, and nobody owns them except ourselves.

  • how can you be prochoice but against the death penalty?


  • im socially awkward with my own gender

Dude. I’m socially awkward with all the genders. I feel ya.

And with that.. Happy 200th Post, everyone!

OMG! 200 posts!

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    Also I love the random search terms that lead to my blog, so much so that I sometimes make the hashtag #randomsearchtermsthatledtomyblog and share them on Twitter. There’s some really odd stuff!

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