Holidays! Hello! Do come in, have a cuppa, say hello?

tea time
tea time (Photo credit: bunchofpants)

As I mentioned before, I’m on holiday at the moment. I’m typing this a few days in the past, so hopefully by the time you read this I’ll be over in Glasgow getting my relax on, catching up with the ladyfriend, and doing as many Glaswegian things as I can. I gather this mainly involves frying absolutely everything in batter, which sounds, at the very least, like it’d help to keep you warm on what is probably a chilly November day.

So since I’m AWOL, I’m going to hand this place over to You Lot.

Hello there lurkers!

I know you’re out there, you know. I see you there with all your clicks, making the lines on my daily stats go up. And I’m nosey! And, let’s be honest- it’s probably a bit chilly there, outside the window looking in, hiding behind the sofa and the like.

So think of this post as me saying hey there, introducing myself, and popping on the kettle. What’ll you be having yourself? The weather’s in bits today, isn’t it? And where’re you from yourself? How’d you make your way here? Do you make things on the internet? What do you do for fun? Tell me about your favourite book or music. Have you any stories yourself?

Say hey, y’know. Let me know a little about yourself. Pop a link to your own stuff in the comments, or something you found that you thought was cool. Make yourself at home.

Oh, and while I’m at it..

Hello to you commenters!

I promise I’m not going to only pay attention to the secretive lurker types. I’d love to get to ‘meet’ you properly too, so do say hello as well. I mean, if you’re going to be hanging out in my living room and helping yourself to cookies (gluten-free and vegan, natch), we should probably get better acquainted.

It’s lovely to meet you.

Holidays! Hello! Do come in, have a cuppa, say hello?

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