Bi Visibility

Bi visibility is always an odd one. We’re constantly on about being erased, and we’re hyper-critical of anyone who is openly bi. We expect perfect behaviour from our role models. Can’t be too stereotypical. Can’t be seen to be sleeping around too much. If they dare be in a monogamous, long-term relationship, they lose either way. Either they’re taking the easy way out from within nice safe het boundaries, or they’re letting the gay side down

Better written late than never, my post for Bi Visibility Day is up on Gaelick. Check it out!

Bi Visibility

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    It can be tough, I ended up in a conversation with a older relative at a family wedding, found I could not ignore his spouting on any longer after he said “well at least the Gays are real, I mean have one of them in the family, this bisexual nonsense really is just nonsense, I mean if it were real we’d have at least one in the family”. There and then I outed myself on the spot to him and several other members of that generation of the family. Thankfully none of them had a heart attack, and I felt better for it. So chin up darling, it’s getting better, slowly and surely, one shocked relative/person at a time.

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    It’s like people believe everything is black or white… they have no idea. You can love women and love sex with both genders. Everything is not about monogamy… the church wants us to believe that. And many believe in the church… if they didn’t they’d get a more open mind… 😉

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    I had an incident in work where a trainee manager went on a huge tirade about how bisexuals are going to hell.My boss and i were standing beside him, my boss knowing im openly bisexual gave me ‘are you going to pull him up on this’ look. I thought i’d be less of a man for keeping my mouth shut (as i have before) so i thanked him for saying i was going to hell. At one point after he realised he had offended the hell out of me he apologised…then he tried to lecture me about relationships and sexuality (he was 23, im 30 and in a 9 year relationship with another bisexual) to the point where my boss and i reported him and he was let go from his job. At this point where LGBT Tolerance in irish society is becoming acceptance its hurtful to know that Biphobia is still as strong as ever

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