Update! Happy! Tumblr! Self-hating gays!

So I disappeared from the internet for a while. Real life! Exciting things happening! Amazing people coming into my life and being awesome! Springtime! Icecream and skating in the park! Brain-meltingly sweet kisses with Awesome Person! Plans and optimism and busy and loveliness!

Life, my lovelies, has been good.

At some point I did have to peek out of my bubble to the outside world. Unfortunately the world outside my bubble had not, as I expected, magically transformed itself into a lovely land free of exploitation, marginalisation and kyriarchy in the few weeks I was gone. For this I am disappoint.

Which brings me to some updates:

I made a tumblr! Have been looking for a place to put the short, the pithy, the snarky. Where better than tumblr? I’ll probably keep here for the things which can be reasonably classified as articles. But there’s going to be WAY MORE on the tumblr, from things I find funny to the snarky things I draw on the back of notepads on my lunchbreak. What I’m sayin’ is, you should follow that thing.

Even if you don’t decide to follow it, you should hop over there now, because I have created a truly epic smackdown of Ireland’s premiere Self HatingSelf-Important Cis White Gay Dude. You wanna click that link. As it is the inspiration for my main bro Ariel’s latest creation, Self Hating Gay Dude.

Which now has a tumblr too.

Feast your eyes, my lovelies:

Update! Happy! Tumblr! Self-hating gays!
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