I’m Not A Racist, But..

Just your average absolutely-not-a-racist who refuses to work with black people.

Oh, Darren Scully. Why must you share a surname and first initial with one of my favourite fictional sceptics?

Right. So Darren Scully is was Mayor of Naas*. As Mayor of Naas, he stated that he “would refuse to represent members of the black community” in his area, because “black Africans” were “aggressive and bad-mannered”.

Responding to cries of outright racism, Scully says, “I’ve been met with aggressiveness, I’ve been met with bad manners and I’ve also been played the race card. “It’s been said, ‘You would help white people but you don’t help black people’.”

So, right.

Dude says that people of a particular ethnicity act in a certain way. He then refuses to represent them as he was elected to do. He then accuses them of playing the race card, and of accusing him of not helping black people.

Wait a sec.

Person says that he will not help black people, and then accuses black people of accusing him of not helping black people.


Scully said that he would not help black people, and then got upset when people accused him of not helping black people.

You know, I’m just going to go make some tea now. Anyone who accuses me of putting the kettle on and dunking a teabag in some boiling water will be faced with absolute disbelief and denial. Ditto to anyone who accuses me of having facepalmed so hard I concussed myself.

Scully is Not Amused.


*A town in Co Kildare. Which is in Ireland. Pronounced rhyming with “mace”.

I’m Not A Racist, But..
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6 thoughts on “I’m Not A Racist, But..

  1. 2

    I think your pro-teabag, pro-(Dana) Scully, anti-racism agenda is colouring your perception of this story …

    Oh, hang on a minute, it’s my agenda too! Never mind, carry on! Stick the kettle on, I’ll get some biscuits and we can share some rude words about this intolerant pillock and his refusal to do his damn job …

  2. 3

    Wow, this is just unbelievable.

    But by now I’ve learned that whatever comes after statements such as “Not to be racist, but…”, “Not to be sexist, but…”, “Not to be homophobic, but…” will always contain the most racist, sexist, homophobic bullshit.

  3. 4

    Wow. That’s some hardcore stupidity right there. So, what, African people are biologically predisposed to being aggressive, unlike gentle, kind people of European descent? Remind me again, who colonised Africa? Wasn’t it kind, civilised European people armed with guns, gently invading the “aggressive ” Africans?

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