Kids These Days and marriage equality.

I remember when I thought that civil unions would be fantastic. I was a teenager, freshly out, embarrassingly enthusiastic about all things queerish. This was a little over a decade ago, back when barely any countries recognised same-sex couples. The idea of legal recognition- any recognition- was one I was amazed by. How wonderful would it be to live in a country that acknowledged the existence of same-sex couples?

I no longer think that. Many of the freshly out, embarrassingly enthusiastic queerlets these days couldn’t imagine thinking that either. There’s an assurance and an unspoken confidence that wasn’t there a decade ago.

Kids These Days, as well as a lot of us grown-ups, aren’t happy with half-measures. We’re not happy with second-class recognition. Something has happened in the last decade- something real and pervasive. We don’t ask for recognition anymore. We know that we’re equal, and we demand to have that existing equality recognised.

And that’s one of the best things about the marriage equality campaign. We’ve crossed a tipping point between asking for rights and demanding our existing equality. And society as a whole seems to be largely with us.

How awesome is that?

Kids These Days and marriage equality.
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One thought on “Kids These Days and marriage equality.

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    You didn’t think of yourself as (or know that you were) an equal to a straight person before? I mean legal realities aside thats really depressing.

    I guess it shows that a properly implemented pervasive attitude set can really make people even victims of it believe the propaganda.

    That said there isnt that much in age between us and I dont remember thinking of gay people as inferior to me at any point, i mean i found it difficult to understand how it would work and then when i did i didnt find it perticularly appealing to think about but I just viewed it as the same as people that liked different music to me.

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