Adventuring: Awkward Teenage Diaries

On Wednesday, the always-badass Ariel dragged me (kicking and screaming) away from my sofa and stacks of cheese toasties (OMG I love cheese toasties..) to listen to people read the most embarrassing excerpts from their most awkward teenage diaries. In public.

It was brilliant. Unfortunately, all of my most cringeworthy teenage angst is in a drawer in a different county, so I was unable to contribute anything myself. Which is a pity, really, since I have stacks and stacks of the things that have gone unread for the past decade and it’d be fun to check them out. Also mortifying. But mostly fun.

Awkward Teenage Diaries included one person’s fourteen-year-old plans to sneak off to Ibiza while pretending to be at Irish college, before finding Jesus overnight. A six-page letter to someone entirely forgotten, about something entirely forgotten, but involving some of the best duck metaphors I’ve had the privilege of encountering. A song about inappropriate behaviour regarding horses. Some of the most pretentious faux-philosophy ever heard in two languages at once. (Protip: It sounds way less cringeworthy when you can only understand half the words). And that’s just for starters.

Have some fuzzy, fuzzy pics of what you missed:








Oh, and just in case you don’t believe me about Ariel’s badassery, here she is melting a floppy disk with the power of her Eyebrow Of Skepticism alone. Badass.


Thanks to everyone in RAG for putting this together. You lot did goooood! And Sin E was a lovely venue for it- really cosy. And if you decide to have a repeat, I promise I’ll fish out my own drawer of cringeworthiness and share it. Even the bits with the coloured markers and the stuck-on bits of magazines. Even that!

Adventuring: Awkward Teenage Diaries

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