Post-A-Week 2011: better late than never!

Yes, I know that normally I post more than once a week. But I normally post more than once a week when it’s easy, and can go ages when I’m uninspired. Or busy. Or tired. Or like last week, when I bought a pair of roller skates and was busy trying to stay one step ahead of the car park caretaker while simultaneously not falling on my bum.

So I figured I’d try making a commitment to actually posting a minimum of once a week, and The DailyPost seemed as good a way as any to do it. Also, it might be a bit of fun. I’m not committing to a post every day, because I think that’s unrealistic. But I am going to try and go for at least two or three a week, with a minimum of one.

Also, that way I get a rather adorable button!

Post-a-week badge

Post-A-Week 2011: better late than never!

6 thoughts on “Post-A-Week 2011: better late than never!

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    I have the same issue. I resolved to do PostAWeek in January, and I have posted every week for the most part. Sometimes I get lazy and just PressThis, though.

    I always forget to tag my posts, so it looks like I am not really participating. I wish there was a little button that you can click every time you post..Or that WordPress had an app that would automatically tag your post so you don’t have to remember.

    Oh well.. Good luck to you. 🙂

    1. 3.1

      I know what you mean about tagging. I try and get my posts tagged as I write ’em, but it’s easy to forget. I end up having to go back and edit them half the time.
      Though to be honest, the main thing I’m worried about is ‘postaweek2011’ ending up being so HUGE on my tag cloud that I can see nothing else, and totally messing up the balance of my page. Though, tbh, there’s far worse things to be worried about 🙂
      And good luck to you too!

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