Mandesty: Oscars’ Edition

Oscar winner, history maker and star of Moonlight, Mahershala Ali is now starring in a campaign for Immodesty facilitator, Calvin Klein. This Klein person has been named on this blog several times. I’ve come to the conclusion that Mr. Klein got into this underwear business for the sole purpose of corrupting souls.

Mahershala Ali for Calvin Klein

Joining Ali is fellow Moonlight co-star Trevante Rhodes

Trevante Rhodes for Calvin Klein. I suppose I should caption this but I have lost my train of thought


Is it any wonder that this has happened though? After all, the Oscar itself is egregiously immodest.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - "Meet The Oscars" New York
You don’t see the Emmy statue naked, do you Oscar? 



You know what though? These two look great together. 


Mandesty: Oscars’ Edition