Barking up the wrong tree


So, you can put a shirt on your dog but not on yourself?


Dog is man’s best friend. Is this what a best friend deserves?! Not all dogs go to heaven and that’s because of immodest pet parents.


Again, if you can clothe your dogs, you can clothe yourself! Look at that Boxer. Does he seem happy? Look at the pup with the bow tie! Bow ties are cool but immodesty isn’t and it makes him sad.

Barking up the wrong tree

Mandesty is the sacrifice I’m willing to make


Readers, I admit I had a hard time writing this post. This young man’s facial expressions and hand placement communicated many impure thoughts to me. I needed to pray for guidance. Jesus told me continue on my mission of battling immodesty in men.

It’s a very big sacrifice but I am willing to make it.

Mandesty is the sacrifice I’m willing to make

Blonde Ambition Leads to Blonde Immodesty

Alexander Skarsgård is making headlines for appearing pantless at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. It is no surprise that MTV  would allow this stunt since at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Zac Efron stripped his shirt off after accepting an award for “Best Shirtless Performance”.

Was leaving Sweden worth the sins of Hollywood, Alex?

I’ve told Adam Levine and Ricky Martin to rely on their talents and not their bodies. But what can Alexander do? Alexander Skarsgård has made his living off immodesty. I know because I’ve watched all 7 seasons of True Blood several times (for Mandesty research purposes, of course). That show also features fellow immodest man Joe Manganiello.

Put a shirt on! What would wife Sofia Vergara say?!



Season 6 Finale of TB. Shameful! Reading is best enjoyed fully clothed.

Alexander will also star in Tarzan.

It is a real shame that men feel this is the right way to fame. This isn’t cute, Alex. Show us you’re more than just a piece of meat. How do you say immodest in Swedish?


Blonde Ambition Leads to Blonde Immodesty

(Im)pure Imagination


We’ve discussed tattoos and body hair before. What we haven’t discussed is how posing can lead to immodest thoughts.



These men think they’re being clever with a well placed hand, or slightly turned hip. I still know what you’re hiding!

You know how horror movies are best when they don’t show a lot of gore because what you imagine is far scarier than what they can show you? Same basic principle. My mind is reeling from all the thoughts I’ve had looking at these.


(Im)pure Imagination

Black and white immodesty 


From a Mandesty reader: “This poor sad man. Doesn’t he know modesty is the crown of a man’s beauty? I wish he would realize there are better ways to bolster his self-esteem than revealing his beauty. How can we see his charm, intellect, and kindness when we’re distracted by his naked body?”

I would also add that his body hair is distracting. Young men seem to think black and white photography makes these photos artistic. Trashy is still trashy even if the photo filter is called Classy.

Black and white immodesty