Nuts to Immodesty

Not sexy


I think I’m starting to understand why some people call it “nut-ella”. Readers, this isn’t the first time this tasty spread has been featured here. Why are men ruining such a classic treat with their smuttiness?

Actual sexy

For the record, it’s Noo-tella and I won’t accept any other pronunciation especially from immodest fellows.

Nuts to Immodesty

Immodest Muscles

If you have an internet connection and are friends with women then you have probably seen today’s featured Immodest Man before. His name is Brock O’Hurn aka Brock O’Manbun. He’s made quite a name for himself lately. Apparently he has nice eyes.
Men, ask yourself what would Jesus do? Not White Jesus though because, as you can see White Jesus is a hussy.


Brock could use our style tips guide. Your hair isn’t made for that style, hun.

I’d be looking down too if I was as slutty.


Calvin Klein underwear have been talked about here before. Calvin Klein? more like Satan Klein, amirite?

To be truly clean, you need Mandesty.
You won’t be able to have ice cream in hell, son.
Immodest Muscles

Modesty is sweeter


The young man thinks he’s clever trying to distract us with Nutella. You can’t hide your shame with sweets!  I worry young girls might be sexually confused if they associate half-naked men with Nutella if they see this picture at a vulnerable stage in their lives. Think of the children!

A Mandesty reader writes: “Scandalous behavior in such a public place! Oh what a world we live in, where young men flaunt their bodies so shamelessly in the middle of the grocery! Regular values have gone out the window! What kind of future wife are you attracting with that behavior? I blame the parents. I blame society.”

When I think of Nutella I think of a delicious spread that is better than sex…Oh dear, it’s gotten me too! See, no one is immune! Cover up! I must go now and throw out the 57 jars I have in my cupboard.

Modesty is sweeter