One of my family’s favourite deli meats is this German smoked and cured pork loin known as Lachsshinken. The name, funnily enough, translates basically to “salmon ham”, although it has no salmon in it. It refers to the usual cut of meat used to make it, however, for my purposes I used a basic boneless loin with all the fat and silver skin cleaned off.

I’ve been getting really into learning how to reproduce some of my favourite foods from scratch. There are two major reasons for this: the need to save money, and the need to control what goes into my food because of my Crohn’s.

One particular area I’ve had little opportunity to really explore is sausage and deli making, as well as cheese making. It’s this area that living at home has given me the chance to learn, especially with the gift of that wonderful smoker. With that in mind, I decided to tackle this family favourite as one of my first attempts.

I looked up several recipes online, and to my chagrin I could only really find complete recipes in German. Google translate provided a measure of the translation, and a good friend helped me out with verifying a few details. I used the combination of this recipe, with some details I scrapped from other sites as my guide.

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