ABC’s of Immodesty


It’s easy as, 1 2 3
As simple as, modesty
A B C, 1 2 3
Baby, you and me boy
It’s easy as, 1 2 3
As simple as, modesty
A B C, 1 2 3
Baby, you and me boy

Did you enjoy that? Well, you shouldn’t have. Now you’re one step closer to hell. Don’t look over you shoulder honey, because I’ll not be there.

ABC’s of Immodesty

Neko Immodesty

We’ve discussed Mandesty and cats before, but I didn’t think we’d have to discuss virtual cats. This young man is cosplaying as Tubbs from Neko Atsume.

He didn’t get an accurate cosplay. Tubbs, as the name suggests, is a fat cat. Why is this man showing us his body? He really just wanted an excuse to act slutty. I bet he’s never played the game. If he did, that sashimi wouldn’t be there. And Tubbs doesn’t wear flip-flops!

Immodest men are bad enough, but fake geek immodest boys? The worst.


Men if you act this way, women will treat you like regular fish instead of gold-fish.


Neko Immodesty

Beam Me Up, Modesty


This is the second post to feature men with “convenient” beams of light on their naughty links. Men, why must you do this? True beauty will  not shine through immodesty. I see you have interests such as reading and art. That’s good. Not enough men show interest in the arts and other intellectual pursuits. I know you’re capable of that and more. But no one will take you seriously if you’re taking nude photos.

Beam Me Up, Modesty

Modesty, Eh?

Modesty isn’t just about the way you dress. Modesty is also about your attitude and how you carry yourself.

So let’s talk about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Back when Trudeau became PM, I saw my Facebook feed explode with how good-looking this guy is. Politicians should be serious people, not inspire unclean thoughts in millions of women.

Is this dignified behavior?

Back in 2011, Justin Trudeau performed a striptease for charity. So, he took his clothes off for money. Do you know what we call that?

Trudeau used to be a boxer. 


Why is he still in office? Look at how he’s showing off!

Look here at how hard he tries to show he is more than just a pretty face. It must be tough to have people be surprised that a handsome man is also intelligent. He should have thought of that before playing up to the cameras.

Yes, we have talked about smiling. A smile is the best thing a man can wear, second only to modest dress. But, just like certain clothing can make a man look like a slut, so too can too much smiling.

Anybody who smiles this much is in dealings with Satan.
Modesty, Eh?

Mandesty is the sacrifice I’m willing to make


Readers, I admit I had a hard time writing this post. This young man’s facial expressions and hand placement communicated many impure thoughts to me. I needed to pray for guidance. Jesus told me continue on my mission of battling immodesty in men.

It’s a very big sacrifice but I am willing to make it.

Mandesty is the sacrifice I’m willing to make

(Im)pure Imagination


We’ve discussed tattoos and body hair before. What we haven’t discussed is how posing can lead to immodest thoughts.



These men think they’re being clever with a well placed hand, or slightly turned hip. I still know what you’re hiding!

You know how horror movies are best when they don’t show a lot of gore because what you imagine is far scarier than what they can show you? Same basic principle. My mind is reeling from all the thoughts I’ve had looking at these.


(Im)pure Imagination

Mandesty: What is it & Style Tips

Simply put Mandesty is modesty for men.

But WHAT is modesty? Well, the dictionary defines it as,

the quality or state of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities.
“with typical modesty he insisted on sharing the credit with others”
synonyms: self-effacement, humility, unpretentiousness;

the quality of being relatively moderate, limited, or small in amount, rate, or level.
“the modesty of his political aspirations”

synonyms: limited scope, moderation
“the modesty of his aspirations”
behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency.

plural noun: modesties
“modesty forbade her to undress in front of so many people”

synonyms: unpretentiousness, simplicity, plainness
“the modesty of his home”

We’ve all seen modest dress guides for women. We’ve all shared a meme rightfully shaming a starlet for immodest dress. So, when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, making sure my friends were part of the 3% who shared that meme about Jesus, I came across many posts showing half-naked men. It occurred to me that we aren’t teaching our boys modesty. So, I took up the challenge. I also share some quick ways to ensure you’re modest in dress, young men!

Men, you don’t want to cause lustful thoughts in women! In order to avoid that refrain from the following:

Tight or see-through tops are a big no-no. Your sacred nipples are for your wife’s eyes only.
Avoid showing your shoulders and back. It is well-known that women cannot control themselves at the sight of bare shoulders. It is on you to not cause impure thoughts in others.
Long or three-quarter sleeves are ideal.
Shorts should not be above the knee. The short shown below are an appropriate example of modest dress:


Bonus: All those extra pockets will come in handy for your pocket bibles!

Make sure the pants are loose enough as to not accentuate your naughty lumps.

What you wear is not only an expression of yourself but it also sends a message to others. Think: How do you want others to see you? Do want the future mother of your children to think of you as easy?
How would feel if your son dressed immodestly?
Fathers, it is up to you!

Finally, aside from these style tips, I advise you to keep your body hair to a minimum. That is, you should only have hair on your head and brows. Excess body hair is unsightly and unhygienic. Avoid tattoos and piercings. Your body is a precious temple!

And the best style tip of all: SMILE! You never know when you might run into The One. You don’t want her thinking you have a full range of human emotions, now do you?!

Oh and as for the offending “friend” sharing those immodest pictures, I sent them a strongly worded PM and then I reported them to Facebook. Nothing happened and then I realized why! Mark himself has fallen for the depravity of the world! I pray he may learn of modesty.



Mandesty: What is it & Style Tips

Modesty: Then and Now


See this? What message are you sending to kids? Think of your grandchildren over there in 2066 and how they’ll feel knowing that granddad was a slut.

I can look at pictures of my grandpa and know he was a self respecting man who kept his privates private. The man was such a paragon of virtue he showered with his clothes on so he wouldn’t offend Jesus with his junk.

Also, shave! You don’t see black and white grandad looking like a bear grylls reject.

Modesty: Then and Now