Apocalypse of the Week

Alyssa has snarkily lampooned twelve of the world’s strangest end-of-the-world scenarios, here for your enjoyment.


  1. Muslim: Taste the Doom of Fire
  2. Buddhist: Omnidirectional Zergling Rush
  3. Raëlian: Waiting Room Battle Royale
  4. Zoroastrian: Hot, Sticky Justice
  5. Space Gas: Death by Comet Farts
  6. Tsunami: The Surf Shop at the End of the World
  7. Norse: Wolves and Snakes and Eyjafjallajökull, Oh My!
  8. Y2K: Your Mother Smelt of Subroutines
  9. Left Behind: Romania Will Rise Again
  10. Nostradamus: Unspecified Event at Unknown Time with Voluptuous Edith
  11. Mesoamerican: This Magic Skull Goes All the Way to…Zero
  12. Christian: Thrust In Thy Sharp Sickle

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