So, last time I posted was for Winter storm Yuri back in 2021. Before than I had mentioned I was married. Lots has happened in the last two years! I want to try to get back into writing, at least semi-regularly again so I thought I would reintroduce myself and my mission.

I no longer live in NYC! I’m now in Texas. Yup, Texas! Why Texas?

Well, my wife (who I’ll call BB) lived in Texas. We had been together about three years as long distance. My life in NYC was going nowhere fast. TJ (kiddo) and I needed a change and new lease on life. BB drove all the way up to NYC to get us (us meaning me, TJ and Maxie the cat). She drove three days to NYC and then drove us down for another three days.

Life is so different. Oh, this isn’t to say life has not been rough sometimes. But I wouldn’t change a thing. We are now in the process of having BB adopt TJ! We just started but I am hoping the process is the least stressful it can be.

I went back to school! I’m working toward getting my Bachelors in human services. I think with my lived experience I can be of some help to others.

TJ is non binary and uses they/them pronouns. I don’t know that I will write specific pieces about them and their gender unless they say it’s ok. I do plan on writing about gentle parenting and my own work towards healing my inner child. As someone who is new to gentle parenting I want to write about it because I used to not be a good and effective parent. Ever since discovering gentle parenting and having the support of my wife, I can say I’m a much better parent now and I’m striving to improve. So stayed tune for that.

Mandesty has been on hold for a while and I know people enjoyed that. Hell, it’s actually how I met my wife. So, I’m hoping inspiration strikes and I can post some immodest men soon too.

My grandma, who I’ve written about a lot, is in declining health. She has Alzheimer’s and it’s starting to take its toll. I haven’t seen her since 2018. Thankfully mami goes over to PR frequently and I can see her on video chat, even if sometimes she does not remember me. Which hurts and I may also write about my dealing with her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Some reminders:

  • BB: my wife
  • TJ: my kiddo
  • Maxie: my cat

I’m going to be going through my old posts and changing TJ’s pronouns. In the meantime, old posts will still use binary pronouns for them until I can edit the posts. Please keep in mind their pronouns and be respectful of their identity.

As always, I strive to provide a voice for those who don’t have one. I want to share my story in the hope that I can help others who have similar struggles. I want to show people they’re not alone.

I guess that’s really it! For now, anyway! Thanks for reading if you’ve been here since the beginning and welcome to any new readers!

Stay safe, mask up, vaccinate if possible

Sunflower Punk


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