April 2020

My first semester of Agriculture Technology is finished. I’m taking a summer course, which means I get to stay out West for now, which is lucky cause I cannot imagine trying to navigate getting to Ontario in the middle of this. Not to mention, that BC seems to have a much smaller number of cases than Ontario, which for someone on immunosuppressants that make me in particular at risk of upper respiratory infections, is kind of a big deal.

This whole thing has been weird and scary to navigate. I’m trying to balance the need to feel in control by educating myself as much as possible with trying to not actively freak myself out by facing just how fucked I could end up being if I get sick, not to mention the fact that I’m likely to get sick eventually. It’s not been great for my anxiety, but weirdly, most of the time I’m managing.

One thing that hasn’t been fun has been the frequent reminders of how much of society considers me and people like me expendable. Whenever politicians talk about acceptable losses, or sacrifices, it includes people like me. The attempts to prioritize capitalism over saving lives.

One thing that helps is trying to focus on individual things.

The first of course was finishing out my semester. I had all four of my exams in the same week in the span of 3 days. I finally got my grades back this week. I was really nervous about this semester. It’s been my first time back at school. I’m dealing with a lot of health issues, and even spent a week in the hospital during the semester. Conveniently enough it was during reading week, so at least I didn’t miss as much school. And of course right around when exams came up, I stopped having access to my ADHD meds. FUN! Still, I’m happy to announce that I’m ending the semester with two A’s and two A+’s! *does a little happy dance*

The area of BC I’m in is amazing. Spring is in full bloom, as my allergies can attest, and Cale and I have been hard at work at setting up our garden. The whole situation has made our existing plans of having a great veggie garden, even more important. We’ve built a big raised bed on our front yard, where all the sun is. We’ve built an herb spiral and trellises. And already started planting.

Our beds are filled with different types of radishes, beets, celery root, garlic, potatoes, onions, cabbage, calendula and chamomile. Meanwhile, my little indoor light set up is sprouting all sorts of squashes, tomatoes, and warmer season herbs. I’m also starting some peppers and other plants. I’m hoping to have extras to give away to our neighbors, both in terms of seedlings and eventually in terms of food itself.

The whole pig we saved up for earlier in the year is still providing us with a fair amount of food. Since the area we live is big on farming, I’m hoping I might be able to find other great deals on meat and what not.

I’m still raising quail, and we’re working on building a nice big outdoor coop for them. We get so many eggs, that once we figure out a way to actually be able to get some cartons or something so we can give them away.

Cale also has a small flock of chickens: two silkies and a lovely little serama. They’re awesome birds, and wander around the backyard, keeping it clean of bugs and pests, while also keeping us nicely stocked on eggs. To make things even more fun, Cale’s aunt brought us a small group of chicks to foster. To Ayam Cemani, the all black chicken, and five little Swedish Flower chickens. They’re so adorable and lively. It’s going to be fun watching them grow and deciding which two will get to stay with our flock.

I’m hoping to set up some sort of box out front of the yard where I could put out stuff for people to take. A sort of no-contact community share.

I encourage people to stay home as much as possible. If you are able to, grow a garden. It will help

April 2020

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