Things have been intense.

As I mentioned, I was accepted to UFV to study Agricultural Technology.

It’s a really exciting move for a lot of different reasons.

The program itself seems amazing. Part of it includes a certification in Livestock production with many of the classes involving actually working hands on with different animals. So far everyone I’ve met in the department is really nice and helpful. When I was visiting my boyfriend, they even showed us around the school barn building where they had piglets and chickens, and a whole greenhouse full of student grown projects.

It would mean a chance not just to learn about farming both from the technical side and business side, but also means a chance to make connections with the agricultural community itself which could mean opportunities to fulfill my dream of a little piece of land to farm and live on.

It also means the chance to live most of the year in a gorgeous province where everything from the air and water to the scenery itself seem to make me feel healthier. My joints hurt less, my anxiety is less, it just feels like home.

A lake with a mountain behind it and framed by trees, with a blue sky

Not to mention, the chance to actually spend more of the year near my partner after close to two years of dating.

But while I’m incredibly excited and eager, trying to plan a cross country move in essentially a month is a lot of work. There is so much to organize, especially because of my medical history and my being on ODSP (Disability). I’ve been running around getting forms filled for the Student Loan application, trying to find the least expensive solutions to be able to send my things, trying to organize things from a financial and medical perspective.

I’ve been researching a bunch of different options, and then researching the companies after my horrible experience with metropolitan movers. I didn’t want to end up with the same sort of bullshit again, or suddenly end up paying double what I had expected.

Still, the final numbers are staggering. I’ve been looking into additional funding options, but so far the only grant or assistance I’ve been able to find doesn’t even cover half the cost. (If you would be willing or able to share my gofundme on various social media platforms, or even donate, I would be incredibly grateful).

It’s also been so much work trying to pack, figure out how to bring my dog. I have to make sure that the amount of stuff I bring doesn’t go over the weight used as part of the estimate, since if it’s higher, so would the cost be.

I’m also trying to figure out what to do about my car, which I can’t bring and also can’t really sell because of how much is left owing on it.

The hardest part though so far has been trying to figure out if it would be possible to bring even just 2 of my birds. But again, the sticking point is cost. The two I wanted to bring are Melusina, the first chick I ever hatched and one of the sweetest birds, and Pansy, another darling I hatched who is the only one of this colour I’ve ever hatched and turns out to be a pretty rare colour to boot!

I was hoping to have them be the mothers of our future flock and I still really want to make that happen. If anyone has any connections, ideas, tips, or whatnot that could be used to possibly ship birds, that would be amazing!

A dark brown quail with a white front and chin, this is Melusina sitting in some purple heather
Melusina the Quail
A Quail with beige and black feathers with interesting spots
Pansy the Quail

I’ve been doing my best to sell as much artwork as possible, to try and make up the costs. I lowered the prices of everything in the hopes of generating more sales.

So of course, this was the perfect month to come down with strep, followed by a massive crohn’s flare brought on by antibiotics to treat that same strep. Funtimes! Lol.

I’m also working on setting up the Patreons a bit differently. For the last while, my usual patreon has been used as a sort of blog managing page. Where the money earned by the post goes to the author. Nominally this was until Sunflower Punk could get her Patreon promoted, but I’ve decided to go ahead and just make that the official thing. As such, my former Toking Crohnie Patreon is being changed into my personal page to support my writing, my art, my photography, and my education. This way, if people want to support me on a regular monthly basis they can, while people who want to promote more content can continue donating to the per post page.

The idea is to take a bit of the pressure off of me to keep posting my own content to keep the blog going and to make money, but also will help encourage me to try and get more guest posts, and still encourage me to write. Additionally, however, it will help me still get some support during times when I can’t commit to a regular post a week because of exams or illness so that I can get my meds, food, and so on.

One thing I’m really excited about is the possibility of having some of the fun food gadgets and tools that readers, friends, and my family have sent me over the years in the same place as my partner. He’s just as excited by fun food stuff as I am which means I might get to add a whole sausage chapter to my cookbook after all!

Not to mention he’s a talented blacksmith and woodcarver, which means I will get to learn so much from him as well as from school! Yes, I’m a nerdy geek, why does this surprise you?

There is still so much left to do and organize, it’s overwhelming, but I’m also so excited for all this, I just can’t wait!

I really think this is going to be a really great thing for me and I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you.


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