TJ: Nazi Destroyer

TJ: Nazi Destroyer came about after Trump’s election, when TJ was 7-years-old. I had to explain to TJ why I was upset. We’ve talked about racism, white supremacy and systemic bigotry before. But this was the first time we talked about literal Nazis. She was quiet for a bit and then told me she had the solution. She would become a Nazi Destroyer.

TJ says the skates are so she can get to the Nazis faster to beat them up. The gloves and skirt are part of her superhero costume. She wants Maxie by her side as her animal familiar. She says one of her weapons are goo-filled eggs that temporarily incapacitate Nazis on contact so then she can “KA-BAM! Right on their heads!” with her wand. A wand that she says can be used to hit them upside the head and then magically make “Nazis into nice people”. If only, little one, if only.

The following passage was written by my daughter TJ, with a few edits by me:

“Help! Help! Por favor!‘, Elizabeth yelled as someone ran off with her bag. Then something followed behind. Whatever it was, it was so fast. Oh! It’s TJ, Nazi Destroyer with her familiar, Maxie!

The man who stole the bag had a laser gun! Oh no. “We must stop him!”, says TJ. She used her wand to freeze the guy and then Maxie scratched him. “Don’t you know you aren’t-“. Then she notices the double bolt tattoo on his arm. “Where are you off to?”, demanded TJ. The man wouldn’t say at first. TJ raised her wand. He finally confesses he was on his way to a rally held by the evil-doer The Klansman!

She was so tired of having to deal with these people. “Meow?’, goes Maxie. “Yeah, it’s time for KA-BAM!” she replies and with that she swung a major league swing with her wand and cracked the guy right on the head.

TJ returned the bag to Elizabeth. As they said thank you and good bye to TJ, there was a huge BOOOOOOM! “Well, I guess we have to go, Maxie!”

Stay tuned for the next story of TJ: Nazi Destroyer

On the next Nazi Destroyer:

“Look!” the crowd pointed out to the glowing, colorful blur that raced by. “It’s TJ and Maxie! They’ll find out what happened!”

The End

Interview with the Author:

SP: So, when Nazi Destroyer hits people with her wand, what exactly happens?
TJ: Well, the hit on the head makes the person look back on their life and figure out where things went so wrong. Like, maybe he’ll realize his parents wouldn’t be proud of him.
SP: What if his parents were the ones to teach him to be a Nazi?
TJ: Ah, well in that case I kick all their asses!
SP: Why did you make yourself a superhero?
TJ: I wished I was one so I could defeat the bad guys. Trump shouldn’t be president. I just want everybody to be safe and happy.
SP: What do you think kids like you can do though?
TJ: We need to stand up for each other.

Final thoughts:

Obviously, Nazis can’t be dealt with by just a wave (or a smack) of a magic wand. That is purely a child’s fantasy, what isn’t fantasy is what can be done. It also should not be up to the marginalized to have to beg for our rights.

If you are a racially, religiously, able bodied and/or otherwise privileged person, it is on you to push back on hateful, bigoted rhetoric. Uplift and amplify the voices of BIPOC, trans, queer, Jewish, Muslim and disabled folks. Call out or in the people in your circles who make bigoted jokes. If able, don’t let that racist uncle get away with his dinner time rants. Write your congresspeople about doing more for the under-privileged and marginalized. Donate to our causes/paypals/gofundmes etc.

If it’s safe for you to do so, show up to KKK rallies to counter-protest. Sabotage their shit. See a racist flyer or sticker? Check to see if it’s safe, and if it is rip those fuckers down.

Check up on your marginalized friends. We’re tired of doing all the hard work. Help us.

If all else fails, milkshakes, eggs and punches work just as well.

TJ: Nazi Destroyer

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