CN: emesis, other bodily functions

I wanted a cat for the longest time. And I vowed that I’d adopt one once we were out of the shelter.

Ania came to visit during the Summer of 2016. She took me to the ASPCA’s animal shelter in Manhattan. I knew I wanted an older cat since those are usually overlooked plus the fee for older cats is waived.

I had to fill out what they called a Paw-sonality Test to be matched with a cat. Based on my answers they said my cat should be a sidekick/personal assistant.

We looked around. There were so many cats and kittens. We get to a gray cat named Hank. He had matched my “pawsonality”. I asked if he was a Russian Blue. They said he’s mixed but Russian Blue was possible. As soon as they opened his cage I stuck my hand inside and he immediately headbutted it.

He was such a sweet and gentle cat. I decided right then that he was the one. I went to filled out paperwork. His paperwork some of his info on it. One thing caught my eye; he wasn’t interested in toys.

They asked if I’d like to keep his name or change it. Personally I liked the name Hank but I called TJ to ask if she wanted a name change. She chose Maxie after a friend of hers from kindergarten.

They engraved a purple heart medallion with his new name on it and I got to choose what color collar he’d have. I picked baby pink because it went beautifully with his gray fur. They brought him out to me.

It was a rather long car trip home and he did not enjoy it. But we made it safely. I did have to clean his carrier and his paws because he was so nervous he had pooped, peed and threw up. My poor boy.

The first day he mostly stayed hidden. I set up a space in one of my closets, just for him. He loved it. It was cozy. He loves sleeping.

The next day he jumped on the bed with me. He let me pet him and I found out how much he loves scritches. He isn’t a very pushy cat. He won’t demand them. He’ll just look at you and wait.

He was so good for my mental health. Having him forced me to get up in the mornings to feed him so I’d feed and medicate myself. Brushing him would remind me to groom myself.

He likes to sleep by my feet and I noticed that the days when I had a particularly bad pain day he’d put his head or paw on my injured ankle.

He’s a funny cat. He’s not a lapcat by any means. He’ll lie next to you and maybe rest part of his body on you. But he never climbs on people to sleep with them. It’s taken him three years to trust me enough to put his front paws on my lap. He purrs so quietly you can’t hear it. I only know he’s purring because I can feel the vibration when I pet him.

He isn’t shy around new people. But he’s polite and again won’t ask for scritches unless you offer first. Once he knows you give scritches, he will stare at you for more. The shelter gave me wet food but it turns out he isn’t a fan. I’ve bought several varieties and he prefers dry food.

Sometimes he sleeps with a paw over his eyes and it’s the cutest thing in the world. At night he’ll sleep by my side. He follows me to the bathroom and usually waits for me by the door while I finish.

Maxie is a quiet cat. He only meows when he’s hungry. He very seldomly bothers the Christmas tree. He isn’t interested in toys. I’ve tried. He loves being brushed. That’s his favorite thing. Being touched is what really gets him excited. I’ve learned what he likes and doesn’t because I’ve gotten a few “love bites”.

Being touched is what really gets him excited. I’ve learned what he likes and doesn’t because I’ve gotten a few “love bites”.

It probably sounds strange but I feel like he can understand me. I certainly understand him. I can tell if he’s feeling sick or down. I can tell when he just needs to be held. That’s one thing, while he doesn’t jump or climb on people he is perfectly comfortable when I pick him up to hold him.

It hasn’t always been easy. Maxie is epileptic. His first seizure happened last year. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I rushed him to the vet. He seemed ok. They did blood work and took a urine sample. Maxie was such a good boy during the visit. He doesn’t like going outside but he behaved himself and I held him the entire time.

He had multiple seizures after that and was put on medication. He has to take it twice a day. I had to learn how to wrap him up in a blanket (a purrito if you will) so I could safely give him his medicine. Eventually I figured out another more effective way to give it to him. I had to be quick though. I go behind him hold his mouth open, and quickly squirt the medicine into his mouth.

He was not happy the first few times and so I gave him treats after. Eventually the length of time he stayed mad at me lessened.

I love Maxie so much I sewed him a Christmas stocking and he gets a present on Christmas and his birthday.

As I write this in bed, Maxie is huddled close to my legs and all I feel is an overwhelming amount of happiness because he chose me.


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