Art Spotlight: Just in Time for Pride!

With Pride Month coming up, here are some works by an actual Queer Latina. Instead of lining the pockets of some corporation in some misguided, appropriating attempt at Pride, buy my art. I’m a Starving Artiste(tm), ok? Alternatively if you are also broke, you can share this link and help me get that Cis Gay Disposable income coin.

The following are some of my favorite pieces, including some pieces my friends picked.

Original art work:

Cis Hets will be Cis Hit:
A friend saw a comment that mentioned “cis shit” and they read it as “cis hit” and that’s how this design was born! The idea of “cis hit” made me giggle so here you go, bash the fuck back.

Call Me Baby One More Time, Knife:
My friend L , who passed away almost 2 years ago, inspired one my most popular designs. The first time i ever met her, I was sick and she brought me vitamin C packs and coffee. This was also after an ex first assaulted me. She gave me her knife and told me to use it if i ever felt in danger. She was so kind to me and gave me strength when I didn’t have any. She probably didn’t think much of it. It was a small gesture but meant a lot and I sometimes wish heaven was real because then I know I’d see her again. I’d know she was watching me and she’d know how loved she is.

This little guy was drawn as a Patreon reward!

Spoonie Bouquet:
I drew this for Ania. The bouquet features her favorite flowers: roses, forget-me-nots and orchids.

Genderqueer Dandelions:
Another piece drawn for a friend, this one also featuring their favorite plant, Dandelions.

Sharp Beauty Collection:
This series features lipsticks, knives and different flowers. Each has a corresponding color theme. Clockwise from top: Red flor de maga, yellow sunflower, purple violet, orange marigold.

Click on image to be taken to collection!

Fan art:

Sassy Spock:
Anybody who’s watch Star Trek can attest to the fact that Spock is a sassy one.

Bea Arthur as Dorothy Z:

I love love love the Golden GIrls! I’m also working on drawings of the rest of the Girls and Stan.


Drawn for a lovely friend in the UK, who is a mega Kesha fan.

PPG: Support your Sisters, not just your Cis-ters:

Apart from fighting Mojo Jojo, HIM and other assorted villains, these girls also fight transantagonism and transmisogyny.

And finally, my most popular design after the Knife, GAYmers!

A lot of these works are available at my Redbubble, StorEnvy and Society6 stores.

Art Spotlight: Just in Time for Pride!

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