Mandesty: Aussie Edition 2: Electric Kangaroos

So the following are some pictures from a charity calendar of Australian firemen. I hope the charity is to get these men some shirts.

Here at Mandesty we’ve posted about dogs.
And even horses
I won’t stop fighting against immodest men even if I become a little horse.

Slutty men using cute animals isn’t new as you all can plainly see above. But now we also have to worry about wild animals as if Australia’s wildlife wasn’t scary enough.

Llamagedon or Alpacalypse; either way we’re doomed.
Soo wee! Immodest alert!
Is this man even properly koalafied to handle this animal?
Not mere cats, unfortunately
A wombat. No pun, just…really? A wombat

Readers, I suggest we buy all of these to keep out of the wrong hands. It’s the only way. Purchase here.

Mandesty: Aussie Edition 2: Electric Kangaroos

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