Grandma Judy’s Pasta de Mango

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I’m currently in Puerto Rico and as promised, below I share grandma Judy’s recipe for mango paste!

Well, grandma calls it a “mermelada” but the finished product looks more like a paste.

Mango tree!

First you’ll need:

4 ripe mangoes

3 cups of sugar

1 cup of water

Peel the mangoes, don’t worry about the pit, you can cook the mangoes whole. Simmer the mangoes in the water until they become pulp-y. Once soften, grandma scoops a mango into a big strainer and with a spoon pushes the mango against the strainer. This makes it so the pulp is strained and the pit and tiny fibers stay in the strainer.

Straining mangoes

Once you’ve strained all the mangoes, transfer the marmalade to the pot once more. Add the sugar and boil over medium heat for 20 minutes or until it acheives a thick consistency.

Simmering mangoes

Once you’re satisfied with its consistency, transfer to a small dish and let cool. This can be eaten with bread or crackers.

Grandma Judy’s Pasta de Mango

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