(UPDATE) White Men: The True Victims of Oppression

Last night I got a 30 day ban on Facebook for “hate speech” against white men. Because if there’s one group who is truly oppressed; it’s white men

Hate speech because we all know white men are truly oppressed class.

This is my second 30 day ban, and my fifth ban over all. I’ve had 1, 3 and 7 day bans for offending a certain litigious person who claims to have sacked Rome. How many times has have you reported a page or post which racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic language only to get a message back from Facebook that the post in question “doesn’t violate community standards”? How many times have you reported messages or comments that were fatphobic, poor shaming, ableist, anti-semitic or threatening physical or sexual violence only for Facebook to tell you to just block the person because the comment wasn’t “hateful”. This is easily Googleable. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

So I cannot even message people. Facebook is so far the one way for me to reach my friends, the majority of whom are spread around the country and world. I do not have many “in real life” friends. Anxiety and agoraphobia make it so I tend to not go out much, let alone interact with people unless I have to. I wouldn’t be alive if my online friends hadn’t been there for me. And because of white tears, I’m cut off from my support system. Because of white tears, my reach is limited to the ones I have on my alternative account, and so my grandmother’s fundraiser suffers.

I’ve heard people say that things are removed if it’s reported enough times to make an actual person review the content. Let’s say that’s the case, you’re leaving the decision to someone who is likely a white man or otherwise someone not fucking versed in social justice. Of course, I’ll get banned. White men as a whole are not an oppressed class. My Puerto Rican, poor, queer, fat, disabled self does not pose a threat. I don’t wield any social power. But apparently, my Puerto Rican, poor, queer, fat, disabled self saying “white men are trash” hurt some feelings.

I’ve also heard that Facebook’s algorithm is set up so “white people” is flagged. Which means people have resorted to using code. Because YT ppl are fragile. Wypipo ruin potato salads and my social media experience. I was a given the option to ask for a review and I did. Haven’t heard anything back, because of course I haven’t. I mean, they sure showed me. I will never insult a white person ever again.

I lied. Fuck your feelings, gringo.

I posted the status “Men are trash” to my alt account. This post was not public. So now, locked posts can get you in trouble? Seriously, Facebook, what the fuck? I mean it’s not surprising that you’re run by bigoted pieces of trash but you’re really making it fucking obvious.

It seems as it the specific phrase “men are trash” is what tips the algorithm. Several friends experimented by posting “women are trash” or other variations of bigoted things towards supposedly Facebook protected groups. Those posts have not been taken down and the users have not been given warnings. The following images will have descriptions with them and I will use (name censored) for names I covered in order to protect identities.

This is the post on my alt account: (name censored) Men are trash.


That got me a warning but no bans.
As mentioned above friends are testing the algorithm. The image below reads: “I think garbage men are trash collectors.
Just testing to see if Facebook’s automatic detection algorithm for protecting men’s feelings can tell the difference between any use of words or if it looks at context somehow.”


That post has not been taken down and the poster has not been given any bans or warnings. However, someone who commented on that post did receive a ban. Below is the image, which reads: “Jesus Christ, this is so fucking funny (name censored) (name censored) banned for 24 hours, can’t even use messenger. Jesus Christ Facebook you are awful as fuck, lol.”

It shows the comment that got them the ban which reads: “I think it’s ok that stage iv cancerous men should die rather than suffer.”


My friend is not sure if that particular comment was reported or picked up by the algorithm.

Other friends are trying to bypass the algorithm and it seems to be working. Below, the image reads: “(name censored) Men. Capital letter R. Emoticon of a person throwing trash away. (Experiment to see if I can trick the machine learning.)”


Another friend posted “Women are trash” and it is still up. She then posted “faggots are trash”. This post was also left alone until a friend of hers purposely reported the post to test what Facebook would do. The post was taken down and my friend received a 24 hour ban.

So, it seems the phrase “men are trash” is hate speech according to Facebook. So much so, that they have programmed it to detect it and automatically report and ban people. However, misogynistic and homophobic posts are not automatically flagged. And I suspect “faggots are trash” got taken down because it used a slur, so it’s harder to ignore the bigotry of the post.

Update: Wednesday September 26th, 2018

I’m learning German so have facebook set to that. It’s saying I’m blocked for 30 days.

I received yet another 30 day ban, this time for posting “men are trash” in German.

So, Männer sind Müll.

(UPDATE) White Men: The True Victims of Oppression

4 thoughts on “(UPDATE) White Men: The True Victims of Oppression

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    Your remark that you need your Facebook account to keep in touch gave me an idea. With all your illness, how about having yourself legally declared disabled. Or you could have one of your legally disabled friends do it. In that case, if you bring your status to the attention of Facebook, a continued ban could be considered a violation of the Americans with Disability Act, curtailing your speech. Maybe you could find a lawyer to sue the hell out of them. Just an idea.

    1. 1.1

      That still puts the onus on the oppressed rather on the oppressor. many of my legally disabled friends have also received bans. Facebook doesn’t care about racial inequality, it certainly won’t care about ableism.

      Not to mention, getting approved for disability takes a very long time, and you’re usually never approved the first time.

      I shouldn’t have to beg for access to social media.

  2. 2

    I tried this yesterday with a caveat that it was a test, and was flagged in 4 minutes. Note that I am a white male, so what’s up with that? I then talked about it in a comment on a friend’s page using the sentence in quotes with context – obviously not hate speech – and got a 24 hour ban. My friend posted the same phrase in French and it’s still up. Using my cat’s* account I posted “dogs are trash” and that’s still up (because dogs are less whiny than white males?) My guess is that some gamergate bro engineer at Facebook (or Zuc himself) hard-coded that sentence in an algorithm. You can call a woman a c–t and threaten people with “2nd amendment justice” and literally nothing will happen. Facebook is a dumpster fire.

    *Minnie Pants, she’s cuter than I am

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