Petite Barbie: A Review

Today I finally review Petite Barbie. Tall and Curvy were covered. This doll is adorable!

Like Broad Ken, her skin toned a medium. She has light brown almost hazel eyes.

Petite Barbie Her hair is so big because it’s full of secrets
Petite wears flat golden sandals
Profile view of gold sandals
On her left wrist she wears a golden cuff which matches her sandals
Her body is literally a smaller version of the Original body mold

This Petite’s hair is HUGE. It’s brown with very subtle highlights. The hair is bigger than the doll.

Left to Right: 1990’s Teresa, 1996 Russian Barbie, Original, Made to Move, Curvy, Petite, Tall

Although more should be done, the above picture is a good visual reminder of the progress Mattel has made towards diversity. Made to Move Barbies are perhaps my favorite because of the articulation. My hope is that eventually more or all the Barbies will be fully articulated.

Like already mentioned, her hair is the only negative for me. There’s so much of it, which will make it difficult to care for. And it differs greatly from the official pictures.

Barbie Fashionistas: Crazy for Coral

My daughter loves her and this doll does remind me a bit of my daughter. Which is so important. Children need to see themselves in media. I’m so glad the Eurocentric standards are giving way for more forms of beauty.

Petite Barbie: A Review

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