Broad Ken: A Review

Last year Matter released a new line of Barbies with different body types. I’ve written reviews for Tall and Curvy. Petite will come shortly (pun not intended but appreciated).
Just in time for the holiday season of 2017, Mattel released new body types, skin tones and hair styles for Ken. There’s the Original, Slim and the one in this review, Broad.

This guy right here was a Christmas gift to me from a friend. Right out the box and I was smitten. He has a medium skin tone, thick eyebrows, strong nose and best of all, he has a bun. I do wish though he had rooted hair rather than molded. It would be so fun to play around with his hair.

Broad body type Ken. He’s medium skin toned, wearing a blue button up shirt, with jean shorts. His shoes are beige.
Buns of Steel Ken sports a close shave around his head, except for on top where he wears a small bun. His hair is sort of taupe colored.
Broad Ken

Just like with Curvy Barbie, I do wish they made a Ken with a big belly. But this a good start. He isn’t as ripped as Kens of the past but the still has muscle tone. Kens tend to not have as much variations as Barbies so I am glad Mattel decided to pay Ken some attention. This is the one time “what about the menz?” is acceptable.

Left to Right: Ken of the 90’s, Original body mold Ken, Broad Ken

The newer Kens aren’t as muscled as Kens from the 1990’s. That Ken went to the gym every day. It’s no his arms were bent. He was always lifting things up and putting them down. Middle Ken is the current Original body mold. His stance is interesting because he isn’t standing straight. His hip is bit cocked to the side. I love that, honestly. It gives him a bit of personality.

1990’s Ken can fit into the newer Kens’ clothes but they will be a bit tighter.

All in all, I love this new Ken and I hop Mattel continues to unveil more body types, skin tones and hair styles/textures. Oh I named this new Ken, Felipe.

Broad Ken: A Review

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